Are circuit court judges elected in Wisconsin?

Are circuit court judges elected in Wisconsin?

The Court of Appeals is composed of 16 judges from four districts. The judges are elected to six-year terms in district-wide, non-partisan April elections. Vacancies are filled by gubernatorial appointment and the appointee is required to stand for election to a full six-year term the following spring.

Are circuit judges elected?

Circuit court judges are appointed for life by the president and confirmed by the Senate. Any case may be appealed to the circuit court once the district court has finalized a decision (some issues can be appealed before a final decision by making an “interlocutory appeal”).

How much does a Wisconsin circuit court judge make?

Salaries for circuit court judges and appellate level judges can be found in the judicial branch section of the Wisconsin Blue Book. As of Jan. 6, 2019, circuit court judges earned $141,773; appellate court judges earned $150,280; and supreme court justices earned $159,297 annually.

Who are the judges in Marinette County?

Circuit court judges & court websites

County Name
Marinette Morrison, Hon. James A. (Chief Judge) Sequin, Hon. Jane M.
Marquette Hendee, Hon. Chad A.
Menominee/Shawano Kussel, Jr., Hon. William F. Sloma, Hon. Katherine

How are circuit court judges in Wisconsin chosen?

The Wisconsin judiciary consists of the supreme court, the court of appeals, the circuit court, and municipal courts. Judges are chosen in nonpartisan elections in the spring of each year. Only one supreme court justice and one court of appeals judge in each district may be elected in a given year.

How are ICC judges elected?

Judges are elected to the ICC by the Assembly of States Parties, the court’s governing body. They serve nine-year terms and are not generally eligible for re-election. By the time of their election, all judges must be nationals of states parties to the Rome Statute, and no two judges may be nationals of the same state.

How are cases decided in Circuit Court?

Civil cases in the Circuit Court are tried by a judge sitting without a jury. The Circuit Court is restricted to hearing cases where the damages or compensation sought do not exceed a certain amount.

How are judges assigned to cases?

How are judges assigned to cases? By statute, the chief judge of each district court has the responsibility to enforce the court’s rules and orders on case assignments. Each court has a written plan or system for assigning cases. The majority of courts use some variation of a random drawing.

Who are the Brown County Circuit Court judges?


  • Marc Hammer.
  • Timothy Hinkfuss.
  • Tammy Jo Hock.
  • Kendall Kelley.
  • Beau Liegeois.
  • Tom Walsh.
  • John P. Zakowski.
  • Donald Zuidmulder.