Who has the best slugging percentage ever?

Who has the best slugging percentage ever?

Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth is the all-time leader with a career slugging percentage of . 6897.

Who has the highest on base percentage in MLB history?

Ted Williams
Ted Williams has the highest career on-base percentage in MLB history, led the American League in 12 seasons (also a record), and held the single-season on-base percentage record for 61 years….List.

Rank Player OBP
1 Ted Williams * .4817
2 Babe Ruth * .4739
3 John McGraw * .4657
4 Billy Hamilton * .4552

Who leads the MLB in slugging?


PLAYER PLAYER TEAM TEAM SO StrikeoutsWhen the umpire calls three strikes on the batter. SO StrikeoutsWhen the umpire calls three strikes on the batter.
1 FernandoTatis SS 1 ‌ ‌ ‌ SD 151
2 Bryce Harper RF 2 ‌ ‌ ‌ PHI 134
3 VladimirGuerrero 1B 3 ‌ ‌ ‌ TOR 109
4 Shohei Ohtani DH 4 ‌ ‌ ‌ LAA 187

What was Babe Ruth’s lifetime slugging percentage?

His lifetime statistics also include 2,873 hits, 506 doubles, 2,174 runs, 2,214 RBI, a . 342 batting average, a . 474 on-base percentage and a . 690 slugging percentage.

What is an elite slugging percentage?

650 slugging percentage is elite. For some context, since 2005, every American and National League leader in slugging percentage has fallen between . 551 and . 671.

Is it possible to have a slugging average over 1?

Is it possible to have a slugging average of more than 1? No, because in order to have a slugging average that is higher than one, you would have to hit home runs every time you were up to bat.

Who has the highest OPS of all time?

Babe Ruth+
Career Leaders & Records for On-Base Plus Slugging

Rank Player (yrs, age) On-Base Plus Slugging
1. Babe Ruth+ (22) 1.1636
2. Ted Williams+ (19) 1.1155
3. Lou Gehrig+ (17) 1.0798
4. Oscar Charleston+ (18) 1.0632

What is a high slugging percentage?

450 slugging percentage is considered good and a . 550 slugging percentage is outstanding. Likewise, moving towards the extremes, a . 350 slugging percentage is poor and a . 650 slugging percentage is elite.

How is slugging pct calculated?

Slugging PCT. Slugging percentage highlights a player’s power numbers at the plate. The formula for determining slugging percentage is the total number of bases gained on hits divided by the total number of at-bats.

Which NBA player has the most 3 pointers?

Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. Those are the only two names that stand between Stephen Curry and the record for most 3-pointers in NBA history.

What MLB player has the most doubles?

Hall of Fame center fielder Tris Speaker holds the Major League Baseball career doubles record with 792. Pete Rose is second with 746, the National League record. Speaker, Rose, Stan Musial (725), and Ty Cobb (724) are the only players with more than 700 doubles.

How to calculate the slugging percentage in baseball?

this is a player’s average number of bases per bat.

  • but it’s easy to figure out from other stats.
  • Calculate the number of bases.
  • Divide your answer by at bats.