What is your Peehip PID?

What is your Peehip PID?

Your PID can be found at the top right of paper correspondence from PEEHIP. If you do not know your PID, please click “Need a PID? (Request PID Letter)” for steps to have your PID mailed to you at your current mailing address on file with the RSA.

How much do retired Alabama teachers pay for health insurance?

A retired teacher who worked exactly 25 years and is not Medicare eligible will pay about $151 per month if they’re single and $10 per month if the person is Medicare eligible. The prices go up from there depending on whether the retiree has dependents or a spouse, Scott said.

How much do Alabama teachers pay for health insurance?

The average cost to a single Alabama teacher for health insurance is $15 per month, or about $180 per year. According to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average cost of an employer-based health plan for a single employee in Alabama is about $103 per month, or $1,233 per year.

How is Alabama teachers retirement calculated?

For example, a teacher who works for 25 years with a final average salary of $70,000 would be eligible for an annual pension benefit worth 41.25 percent of their average final salary. For Tier II teachers in Alabama, their retirement benefits are capped at 80 percent of their final average salary.

How much do I need to retire in Alabama?

To retire comfortably in the state of Alabama starting today, you will need to have saved at least $65,000.

What is PID number?

PID number is nothing but Property Identification Number. It is a unique number which is generated as a combination of ward number, street number and plot number of the property.

When does the peehip wellness program start in Alabama?

The PEEHIP Wellness Program can also help members take steps in managing these conditions and their overall health through our voluntary health coaching and tobacco cessation programs. Participation in the PEEHIP Wellness Program is free and may help save money on premium cost. The 2021 plan year begins October 1, 2020.

What are the benefits of BCBS and peehip?

PEEHIP and BCBS and VIVA Health have announced a series of steps aimed at protecting our members and reducing the spread of the new coronavirus disease, or COVID-19. Please view the links below to the Expanded Coverage and Benefits for up-to-date information:

When was the peehip health insurance plan created?

PEEHIP The Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Plan, or PEEHIP for short, was established in 1983 to provide quality healthcare insurance benefits for the health and well-being of our members. PEEHIP Funding Three Year Projections Southern States Premiums Comparison

Who is Blue Cross and blue shield of Alabama?

PEEHIP’s Wellness Program Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama administers the Hospital Medical and Supplemental Medical Plans for PEEHIP’s active employees and retirees who are not yet Medicare-eligible. HealthEquity administers the Flexible Spending Accounts for PEEHIP’s active employees.