What does a remote radio unit do?

What does a remote radio unit do?

A Remote Radio Head (RRH) or Remote radio unit (RRU) is the RF circuitry of a base station enclosed in a small outdoor module. The RRH performs all RF functionality like transmit and receive functions, filtering, and amplification.

How do I remote control my ham radio?

Basically there are two ways to do it:

  1. Connecting via Remote desktop applications (TeamViewer, VNC) or using Radio control client software to your computer’s shack, running a radio control software, and share audio using VoIP applications (Skype)
  2. By using commercial Remote Control Interface products.

What is the difference between an RRH and an antenna?

In conventional structures, antennas and RRHs have to be installed separately, which means higher installation costs and more space to lease. On the other hand, an antenna-integrated RRH gives operators advantage of lower costs of installation and space lease because it only takes one installation of an antenna.

Can I listen to ham radio on my phone?

EchoLink. Available on both iOS and Android for free, the EchoLink app turns your smartphone into a HT, and allows you to access a network from your phone. You use the app to connect to the EchoLink system from a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, and then you can track your Ham connections wherever you like.

Is an RRU and antenna?

Remote radio unit (RRU) is a secondary device to antenna. It converts base station’s digital transmission to analog signal for antenna, and vise versa. RRU contains duplexer that allows this conversion process to happen both way.

Where is the RRU installed?

An RRU can be installed on a pole, U-steel, angle steel, wall, or IFS06. Installation scenarios must meet heat-dissipation and waterproofing requirements of the RRU.

What is a remotely controlled station?

What is a remotely controlled station? A station operated away from its regular home location. A station controlled by someone other than the licensee. A station operating under automatic control.

Can you listen to ham radio online?

Over 400 websites allow you to listen to ham radio online. There are two main “flavors” of technology offering this free service. WebSDR with its rudimentary user interface (UI) allows over a hundred listeners simultaneously. This means that their receiver-server can almost always accommodate an additional listener.

What is eCPRI?

Enhanced CPRI (eCPRI) is a way of splitting up the baseband functions to reduce traffic strain on the fiber. Currently telcos use CPRI interface as fronthaul connection in 4G. It will provide flexible radio data transmission through a packet based fronthaul network, for example IP or Ethernet.

Can you use your phone as a shortwave radio?

Skywave Schedules Here’s another excellent shortwave radio app for Android users. Available for use with portable shortwave radios, Skywave allows you to find broadcast and utility stations by listing their broadcast times, and their frequency. This Shortwave radio app works as a cheat sheet for your shortwave radio.

What frequency should I listen to ham radio?

The most popular is the 144-MHz (2-meter) band. That’s where you’ll find a lot of ham radio operators as well as local public safety calls. If you want to hear the civilian aircraft frequencies, you’ll want to look for a radio that has the 118 to 136 MHz air band.

How does RRU connect to antenna?