Where does Ira Rennert live?

Where does Ira Rennert live?

Built in 2003, Fair Field is a large private house in the Hamptons, Long Island, in New York State in the United States. The main house is approximately 64,000 sq ft (5,900 m2), and the total floor area is 110,000 sq ft. It is valued between $267 to $500 million for tax purposes. It is owned by Ira Rennert.

What is the most expensive part of the Hamptons?

The most expensive neighborhoods lie south of the highway, and most of all in the so-called Estate Areas of Southampton Village, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, Sagaponack and East Hampton Village.

Where do the rich live in the Hamptons?

How big was the house that Ira Rennert built?

In the late 1990’s billionaire, Ira Rennert decided to begin construction of his own dream home, Fair Field. At 110,000 square feet (63 acres) the site for his new home ‘Fair Field’ generated some controversy as residents of the nearby town of Southampton complained about the project’s impact on their town.

How much did Ira Rennert pay for fair field?

In February 2018 Rennert was ordered to pay at least US$118 million in damages. lt seems then that the sheer level of luxury available in Fair Field is matched only by the controversy behind its creation. We’re here to walk you through this giant limestone, Italian renaissance home, and its surrounding estate.

When did Ira Rennert start his own business?

Rennert started his career as a credit analyst on Wall Street in 1956. He also served as a partner at Rubin, Rennert & Co., before launching his own business, I. L. Rennert & Co. in 1962.

How much does Ira Rennert pay in taxes?

Curbed Hamptons reported Rennert’s property taxes at $483,742.54 – or more than $40,000 a month – in 2008. According to CNBC, his taxes were up to $649,281 last year, or as they put it, enough to buy two houses in most other parts of the country.