What is John Deere ZTS?

What is John Deere ZTS?

Get a Deere ZTS Excavator instead. Their state- of-the-art design allows these nimble compacts to rotate fully without banging their tails into something. Combined with independent-swing boom and 360-degree rotation, they slip into close quarters comfortably.

What does a John Deere 50G excavator weigh?

10,847 lb.
Digging Depth: 3.53 m (11 ft. 7 in.) Operating Weight: 4920 kg (10,847 lb.)

How much horsepower does a 50G have?

This excavator has a net power output of 26.8 kW (35.9 hp), an operating wieght of 4790 kg (10,560 lb) and a max digging depth of 11 ft 7 in, as well as a max digging reach of 19 ft 7 in. Zero Tail Swing: The John Deere 50g has a tailswing radius of 3 feet 3 inches.

How much is a John Deere 50 excavator?

In the United States a used John Deere 50G excavator is typically priced between $57,500 and $61,900. Variation in price can be due to a number of factors including age, condition, location, and specifications.

What is the biggest John Deere excavator?

John Deere 870G LC
John Deere 870G LC was introduced to the market with its 31 ft. 5 in. digging depth, it quickly became known as the largest John Deere excavator to date.

How much does a John Deere 27d weight?

6393.5 lbs
Operating Specifications

Fuel Capacity 10.5 gal (40 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 16.4 gal/min (62 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 9.2 gal (35 l)
Operating Weight 6393.5 lbs (2,900 kg)

How much does a John Deere 60g cost?

$68,500. A/C, HYDRAULIC THUMB, CPLR, BLADE, WARRANTY UNTIL 10/2021 Machine will be serviced, cleaned and repairs made to insure its ready to go to work.

Who makes the biggest excavator?

1 – Caterpillar 6090 FS Excavator At an operating weight of an astounding 1,000 tonnes, the 6090 FS is the world’s largest excavator.

How much can a John Deere 50d lift?


Standard Arm, mm (ft in) 1380 (4 ‘ 6 ”)
Boom Swing Angle – right, deg 60
Lift Cap. Over Front @ 10′ G.L. (incl bckt), kg (lb) 2387 (5258)
Lift Cap. Over Side @ 10′ G.L. (incl bckt), kg (lb) 1045 (2301)
Max Arm Digging Force, kN (lb) 24 (5401)