What is a DRASH tent?

What is a DRASH tent?

DRASH (Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter) is a portable, geodesic shelter that can be set up within minutes of arriving on site with no special tools. The structure is supported by composite struts.

What is a drash army?

Part of the U.S. Army’s Standard Integrated Command Post System, DRASH is a quick erect, soft-walled shelter system that has been deployed by armed forces around the world, as well as numerous government and civilian organizations, according to the DHS website.

How much does a drash tent weigh?

The 4XB requires minimum man power to set-up, possibly four to eight personnel….DRASH Tent 4XB Series.

Interior Length ft. 25.6
Exterior Length m. 8.3
Usable Area sq. ft. 304.2
sq. m. 28.2
Total Weight lbs. 483

What is a drash in Hebrew?

Definitions. v. Give a sermon, discuss an interpretation of the text. n. Sermon, interpretation of text.

What tents does the military use?

Tents Used by the US Army One of the most common military designs currently used by the U.S. Department of Defense is the TEMPER tent. TEMPER is an acronym that stands for Tent Expandable Modular PERsonnel.

How much does a drash cost?

drash generator

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How big is a GP medium tent?

The medium MGPTS is 18 feet wide, 36 feet long, weighs 795 pounds, and has 648 square feet of floor space. It can be setup in 36 minutes by 4 people. This system requires an area space being at least 52 feet long, 34 feet wide, and 12 feet high for tent setup.

What does drash mean?


Acronym Definition
DRASH Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter

What is a temper tent?

The Temper tent (Tent Extendable Modular Personnel) is a modular, soft-walled, aluminum framed supported tent; it is designed to expand exponentially and set up in multiple configurations. This Temper tent is fitted with features that allows both heating and air conditioning.

What is Pshat and drash?

The goal of pshat is to read the verse in a way whereby the straightforward meaning of the words emerges. · The word drash derives from the word lidrosh, which means to seek. Drash seeks a resolution of aspects of the verse beyond that which the pshat requires.

Is drash a word?

Drash may refer to: Midrash, in Judaism, a method of exegesis of a Biblical text. DRASH, or Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter, a brand of portable shelter.