What butterfly eggs are green?

What butterfly eggs are green?

The black swallowtail butterfly, for example, lays pale-green, smooth, globe-shaped eggs while the zebra longwing butterfly produces eggs similar to tiny corncobs.

What butterfly eggs are yellow?

Answer: Your eggs are possibly from the great Southern white butterfly. The females lay eggs on plants in the mustard family, including arugula. Wait and see once they hatch to find out what they are. Once hatched, the caterpillars will eat and live for two weeks before they pupate or change into a chrysalis.

What Colour are butterfly eggs?

The shape of butterfly eggs can vary greatly from family to family, but most are pale yellow or green in colour, although the colour can darken before hatching.

Where do butterflies lay eggs?

Once finding the right plant, the female butterfly will lay her eggs, usually on the undersides of leaves but sometimes under loose bark or in mulch near the host plant. Butterfly egg laying depends on the type of butterfly, as do the butterfly host plants.

Will a green caterpillar turn into a butterfly?

Green caterpillars are like monarch butterflies. Green caterpillars eat various types of green leaves – they need the nutrients and energy to grow their cocoons and hatch into butterflies. As you would have guessed, just as there are many different butterfly species, there are many different green caterpillars species.

Who lays eggs caterpillar or butterfly?

Eggs are laid on plants by the adult female butterfly. These plants will then become the food for the hatching caterpillars. Eggs can be laid from spring, summer or fall. This depends on the species of butterfly.

What is the best plant for a butterfly?

Butterfly Garden Flowers

  • Phlox. Phlox is a low-growing, spreading plant that forms a blanket of blooms all summer.
  • Coneflower (Echinacea) Coneflower is one of the best flowers for attracting butterflies.
  • Lantana.
  • Bluestar (Amsonia hubrichtii)
  • Pot Marigolds.
  • Black-Eyed Susan.
  • Blazing Star Flowers (Liatris spicata)
  • Heliotrope.