What is an inferior pedicle breast?

What is an inferior pedicle breast?

The inferior pedicle technique is a surgical technique performed for breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty). “Pedicle method” means the surgeon leaves an attached tissue graft (pedicle) with nerves and blood vessels that supply the breast.

What does breast reduction scarring look like?

Scarring from surgical incision looks like a thin, raised line on top of your skin. This is called scar tissue. At first, the area is red or pink in color. As the scar heals, it will darken and flatten.

How long does it take for nerves to heal after breast reduction?

Long Term Recovery after Breast Reduction Some people feel completely fine by 8 weeks while others will require 12 to 14 weeks to feel completely normal. You will experience numbness in the chest area for many months to come. Your scars will gradually start to lighten.

What is the superior pedicle technique?

The surgical maneuvers were developed and conveyed to the senior author (W.G.S.) by Dr John Bostwick. This approach preserves superior and medial breast fullness while providing appropriate resection of the breast parenchyma to ameliorate symptoms and produce a smaller, lifted breast with a more youthful appearance.

What is wise pattern?

The Wise pattern was initially described for breast reduction and mastopexy by Wise in 1956. The pattern allows removal of skin in both vertical and horizontal dimensions allowing for lifting and coning of the breast into a less ptotic shape.

What is a medial pedicle?

The medial pedicle is a minimum of 6 cm in width and can range up to 10 cm in width, depending on the size of the breast. As described by Hall-Findlay,3,4 I use about half of the pedicle within the areola and half outside the areola. The pedicle is always full-thickness breast tissue.

What is Pitanguy’s point?

In the case of breast surgery, the techniques he developed to decrease the size of the breasts or to correct drooping breasts were revolutionary at that time. Today, the point where the nipple is placed after surgery is known as “a point of Pitanguy.”