What county is Sherwood Park in?

What county is Sherwood Park in?

Strathcona County Council
Sherwood Park is governed by the Strathcona County Council.

What cities are in Strathcona County?

Strathcona County is a specialized municipality with nine hamlets – both urban and rural. Sherwood Park is the urban area (home to over 70,000 residents)….Strathcona County communities

  • Antler Lake.
  • Ardrossan.
  • Collingwood Cove.
  • Half Moon Lake.
  • Hastings Lake.
  • Josephburg.
  • North Cooking Lake.
  • Sherwood Park.

What is considered Strathcona County?

Strathcona County is a specialized municipality in central Alberta, Canada between Edmonton and Elk Island National Park. It is located in Division No. More than half of the population lives in Sherwood Park, a large community east of Edmonton that has opted to retain hamlet status.

What area is Strathcona County?

1,181 km²
Strathcona County/Area

Is there still a water restriction in Sherwood Park?

During the water restriction, Strathcona County has discontinued the use of potable water for all non-essential work, like flushing hydrants, park watering and vehicle fleet washing but non-potable water will still be used by park watering trucks.

What is the biggest hamlet in Strathcona County?

As of 2021, Alberta has 403 hamlets recognized by Alberta Municipal Affairs. Alberta’s two largest hamlets – Fort McMurray (formerly a city) within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Sherwood Park within Strathcona County – have been further designated as urban service areas by Municipal Affairs.

Is Edmonton a county?

Adjacent Specialized municipality Strathcona County
Adjacent municipal districts Leduc County, Parkland County and Sturgeon County
Founded 1795

Are masks mandatory in Strathcona County?

Under the provincial mandate, masks and physical distancing are mandatory in all indoor public places, workplaces and public vehicles across Alberta including includes taxis, transit, school buses, rideshares, grocery stores, shopping malls, indoor public events, health care settings, testing sites and long-term care …

Is there still a water ban in Edmonton?

Voluntary water restrictions on non-essential water use in southeast Edmonton and surrounding communities have been lifted as water supply levels return to normal.

Why is there a water ban in Sherwood Park?

Effective immediately, Strathcona County is asking residents to reduce water consumption, and reduce non-essential water use. The restriction is a precaution to keep water stored in our reservoirs at acceptable levels for critical activities such as firefighting, drinking and cooking.

Is Sherwood Park still a hamlet?

It’s not a city With a population of more than 70,000, Sherwood Park is one of the largest and fastest growing communities in Alberta, but it has resisted the temptation of being crowned a city. The community has enough people to be considered Alberta’s seventh largest city, but it has retained the status of a hamlet.