How old is JennXPenn?

How old is JennXPenn?

25 years (July 9, 1996)
Jenn McAllister/Age

Are Andrea Russett and JennXPenn still friends?

Andrea confirmed that she was “completely fine” with Jenn. However, they are not exactly on the closest terms, since they never “hang out” or “hit each other up”, in her words.

Where did JennXPenn go to school?

Council Rock South High School
Jenn McAllister/Education

Where is JennXPenn from?

Holland, Pennsylvania, United States
Jenn McAllister/Place of birth

Why is JennXPenn named?

The story goes that she received the nickname around 5th- 6th grade from her friend. She says that when she went to create her YouTube channel, the username “JennPenn” was taken, so she simply added an “X” in between “Jenn” and “Penn”, making “JennXPenn”.

Who is Ayydubs?

Alyx Weiss’s (@ayydubs) profile on Instagram • 1,604 posts.

Who is Kian Lawley dating?

Kian made it official with his girlfriend, Ayla Woodruff, posting a photo of the model to his Instagram story.

What happened Jack Baran?

Baran currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Baran was active on all of his social media April 2019 and thereafter he deleted his YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

What is Ayydubs real name?

Alyx Weiss (@ayydubs) • Instagram photos and videos.

What college did Ayydubs go to?

Bio: Age nineteen, raised in Lincoln and attends Boston University.

Did Kian and his GF break up?

However, in 2017, she split from the controversial internet celebrity, sparking rumors that there was bad blood between the longtime friends. She responded to those rumors with a YouTube video of her own regarding her replacement.

How long did Andrea and Kian dating?

Kian Lawley and Andrea Russett started dating in February 2013. The stars announced their relationship on Feb. 23, 2013, and they stayed together for about one year.