Who created My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

Who created My Little Pony Friendship is Magic?

Lauren Faust

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Series’ logo for the final three seasons
Genre Fantasy Comedy
Created by Lauren Faust
Based on My Little Pony by Bonnie Zacherle

How do you make a cutie mark in My Little Pony?

The cutie marks are obtained when ponies discover a unique characteristic that sets themselves apart from others. Twilight Sparkle demonstrates to Apple Bloom in the same episode that magic can’t make a cutie mark appear, and she explains that the mark will only appear in due course.

What is Twilight’s cutie mark?

Twilight Sparkle is the central protagonist of the show. Her cutie mark, a six-pointed star, represents her talent for magic and her love for books and knowledge, and the five smaller stars indicates that her destiny is intertwined with her friends.

Who manufactures My Little Pony?

My Little Pony (MLP) is a toy line and media franchise developed by American toy company Hasbro. The first toys were developed by Bonnie Zacherle, Charles Muenchinger, and Steve D’Aguanno, and were produced in 1981….

My Little Pony
Owner Hasbro
Official website

Can two ponies have the same cutie mark?

2014 Aug 11, 20:12:13 #2 4th wall stuff aside, I’d like to think that, yes, some ponies can have the same cutie marks for different reasons. Maybe some are twins. Maybe some ponies who’s special talent requires group work–like a hospital–share similar or the same cutie mark.

How does Spike get his cutie mark in my Little Pony?

Critter-sitting ( Just for Sidekicks – Spike convinces Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to try to get their cutie marks by watching over all of the ponies’ pets. This job was originally given to Spike) Sky diving (Just for Sidekicks – This is to be achieved by jumping off a bridge into a river several feet below.

When does the cutie mark chronicles come out?

For the mission in the mobile game, see here. The Cutie Mark Chronicles is the twenty-third episode of the first season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. In this episode, the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn how each of the Mane Six acquired their cutie marks.

Where are the Cutie Mark Crusaders in Friendship Is Magic?

Although the three fillies only introduce themselves to each other in Call of the Cutie, the three make an appearance together in Friendship is Magic, part 1 huddling under a curtain in fear of Nightmare Moon.

Are there any cutie marks on Sweetie Drops?

Three candies/Three bows – Example: Sweetie Drops Images may not reflect a specific pony’s cutie mark exactly, because cutie marks are sometimes mirrored or rotated, even on the same pony. These instances are not specially marked.?