Why is my sim not working in my iPhone?

Why is my sim not working in my iPhone?

Make sure you have an active plan with your wireless network provider. Restart your iPhone or iPad. Check for a network provider settings update. Remove your iPhone SIM card or iPad SIM card from the SIM card tray and then put the SIM card back.

What is the Iccid number on iPhone?

Your iPhone’s SIM number is technically called the ICCID, which stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. It usually consists of 19 or 20 characters, and is both printed on your SIM card and stored inside it. The ICCID is a unique serial number and is specific to your SIM card.

What does invalid SIM mean in iPhone?

The iPhone may issue the “Invalid SIM” error because of a software issue. Meaning, the SIM card may be wrongly placed, or the SIM card needs to be replaced by the wireless carrier.

How do I find my SIM card number on my iPhone 12?

Apple iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 mini – View SIM Card Number

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Settings. > General > About.
  2. View the ICCID number.

What is new SIM serial number?

It stands for Integrated Circuit Card ID, a 19- or 20-digit number that’s typically printed on the back of a SIM card. The ICCID is a globally unique serial number—a one-of-a-kind signature that identifies the SIM card itself.

How can I get SIM details?

To find SIM card owner details, open the SIM Owner Details Finder by iStaunch. Enter the mobile number in the given box and tap on the submit button. That’s it, next you will find the name, address, IP address, and other details of the SIM owner.

How can I read my SIM card from another phone?


  1. Step 1 – Unlock SIM and Phone. Before you can use your SIM card, you’d have to get it unlocked.
  2. Step 2 – Switch Off Smartphone.
  3. Step 3 – Remove Chip From Phone.
  4. Step 4 – Insert Chip.
  5. Step 5 – Switch On Smartphone.
  6. Step 5 – Access Your Network Services.

Can SIM card go bad on iPhone?

Of course, like any electronic device from a hard drive to an SSD device to a cpu to anything else, any SIM can go bad for a whole host of reasons, and it could do so at any time. A virus seems highly unlikely since an iPhone or iPad write no data at all to the SIM card.

Where is the SIM card number located on an iPhone?

Your iPhone’s “About” screen contains a great deal of information about your phone, including the SIM card number. Tap on the “Settings” button, choose “General,” and tap on “About.”. Scroll down the page until you find the field labeled “ICCID.”. This is your SIM card number.

Does iPhone have a SIM card?

All iPhones do have a SIM card, except for one model. And like all pure CDMA phones, it does not have a SIM card slot.

How do you install a SIM card on an iPhone?

Putting a SIM Card in Your iPhone Power down your iPhone. Make sure the SIM card is the right size for you phone. Locate the SIM card slot on the side of your iPhone. Find your SIM eject tool or straighten a small paperclip. Push the tool or paperclip into the small hole next to the SIM slot. Pull the SIM tray out of the iPhone.

How do I Find my sim card number?

Find your SIM card number. Each SIM card has a unique identifier known as an “integrated circuit card identifier,” or ICCID for short. To find this number, head back over to Settings > General > About, scroll down, and look for the ICCID.