What did Jelle Klaasen do to Van Gerwen?

What did Jelle Klaasen do to Van Gerwen?

An emotional Van Gerwen explains Jelle Klaasen has send inappropriate pictures to his wife’s under-aged sister back in 2012. The Cobra got his punishment by 16 hours of community service and a 400 euro compensaton.

Does Jelle Klaasen still play darts?

Jelle Klaasen (born 17 October 1984), nicknamed The Cobra, is a Dutch professional darts player who plays in Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events. In 2006, he became the youngest darts player to win the World Darts Championship, aged 21 at the time….Jelle Klaasen.

Bousema Open 2014
Texel Darts Trophy 2011
Westerlaan Open 2010

Who is World No 1 in darts?

Gerwyn Price
PDC World Rankings

Rank Player
1 Gerwyn Price
2 Peter Wright
3 Michael van Gerwen
4 James Wade

Why does gerwen hate Klaasen?

“It wasn’t straightforward,” admitted Van Gerwen, who has not lost to Klaasen since 2014. “It was tough for me, me and Jelle of course had a past, I hate him so I don’t want to lose to him and that made it really difficult for me in this game. “We don’t like each other and that made it harder.

Why does Michael van Gerwen hate Jelle Klaasen?

“Jelle does not deserve respect, so I am not going to give him a hand. I think that the people who accuse me of unsporting behavior will understand, now that they know what has happened in the past,” said Van Gerwen. “I thought it would be easier for myself, but it was very hard for me to face him.

What car does MVG drive?

Michael van Gerwen bought a Rolls-Royce Ghost in February this year after previously owning a BMW 750Li. It is a choice that Van Gerwen is very pleased with as he explained on car channel DriversDream when they visited the World Number One. “It was once in a lifetime.

Is Michael van Gerwen married?

Daphne Goversm. 2014
Michael van Gerwen/Spouse