Who is Alexander Shtifanov?

Who is Alexander Shtifanov?

Alexander has spent 13 years in the industry of bartending, starting at a very young age in his native Russia. Born in Tuapse, a small town in the south of Russia, Alexander first discovered the art of flair bartending 10 years ago when he moved to the capital city, Moscow.

Who is the best flair bartender in the world?

Atilla Iskifoglu is a Turkish world champion flair bartender. He has won laurels on the international stage in various countries….

Atilla Iskifoglu
Occupation Flair bartender
Known for Four time winner of the European Flair Champion and World No 1

Who invented flair bartending?

T.G.I. Friday’s is credited for modernizing and popularizing flair bartending in the United States beginning in the mid-1980s because they allowed artistic personality freedom behind the bar.

Who is the most famous bartender in the world?

Here are 21 top Bartenders of the world:

  • Dale DeGroff: Known as one of the best mixologists in the world and “King Cocktail,” Dale DeGroff is a true expert behind the art of cocktails.
  • Eryn Reece:
  • Natasha Mesa:
  • Tom Walker:
  • Jacopo Rosito:
  • Ivy Mix:
  • Paula Lukas:
  • Patrick Williams:

Which country has the best bartenders?

As a general rule, first world countries like Australia, Canada, America, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, parts of China, South Korea, and most of Western Europe are all great places to work as bartenders.

Do bartenders get laid often?

The simple answer to this question is no. The more complicated answer is it depends. There is a popular myth within the drinking community which states that bartenders are well-known to sleep around, especially with complete strangers they’ve met at the bar.

Who is the most respected person in the bar industry?

1. Ryan Chetiyawardana. Known as Mr Lyan, Ryan Chetiyawardana is an award-winning bartender and businessman. He founded the now-closed Dandelyan (Lyaness stands at its spot now) which was awarded the title of World’s Best Bar, 2018.