Did Lakers win a 3 peat?

Did Lakers win a 3 peat?

Shaquille O’Neal and the Los Angeles Lakers completed their three-peat with a 2002 NBA Championship. NBA.com takes a look back at the top moments that define the history of the NBA. Since Riley coined the phrase “Three-Peat,” only four major professional sports teams have won three consecutive championships.

What was the Lakers 3 peat?

The Lakers finally achieved a three-peat years later, winning the NBA title in 2000, 2001, and 2002. It was their second in franchise history, and only the first since moving from Minneapolis.

Did the Bulls three peat twice?

The Bulls saw their greatest success during the 1990s when they played a major part in popularizing the NBA worldwide. They are known for having one of the NBA’s greatest dynasties, winning six NBA championships between 1991 and 1998 with two three-peats.

Who won the last 20 NBA Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers
2020 NBA Finals/Champion

What was the score of the Lakers game?

However, the Lakers quickly tied it early in the second quarter, and both teams traded until about midway through the 4th. The rest of the game reads a lot like a summary of one of the best 3-year periods in the history of the league: Derek Fisher jumpers, Bryant’s layups and Shaq’s and-1’s.

When was the last time the Lakers were in the finals?

The Lakers faced the abyss of going down 3-1 to the Sacramento Kings in the 2002 Western Conference Finals before being rescued by Robert Horry, and then winning Game 7 in overtime. If one sees that historic series as the matchup between the 2 best teams in the league, then what happened in the real NBA Finals makes a lot more sense.

Who are the purple and gold Lakers players?

The purple and gold won them by five and three points, respectively. Sandwiched between them was a 23-point demolition at STAPLES Center. New Jersey had prime Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin and a decent supporting cast led by Keith Van Horn, Todd McCollough and Kerry Kittles, but it was no match for L.A.’s star-power and depth.

When did the Lakers get their first ring?

Coming into the night of June 12th, 2002, the Phil Jackson-Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O’Neal Lakers had done it all. The won their first ring after tough battles with the Blazers and Pacers in 2000.