Can you buy directly from Ping?

Can you buy directly from Ping?

Can I buy direct from PING? Yes. At this time PING offers bags, accessories and apparel available to purchase online. Check out to view PING product.

Where is the Ping factory UK?

Location. PING’s European Custom Fitting Centre is located at Thonock Park, in Lincolnshire. The facility offers three undercover fitting bays where you can test and be custom fitted by a PING Fitting Technician to ensure you get the ultimate performance from your PING clubs.

Where is the Ping golf factory?

Phoenix, Arizona
U.S. PING is an American sports equipment manufacturing company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Ping was founded by Karsten Solheim, following a career as an engineer at the General Electric company. In 1959, he started making putters in his garage in Redwood City, California.

Are PING clubs made in the USA?

And when it comes to clubs, the official name in golf, is Ping. This household brand has been helping golfers improve their game since, 1959. But, what a lot of people might not realize, is that these clubs are made, right here in the U.S., in a factory in Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, each club is hand-made from scratch.

Will PING release new irons in 2021?

PING have announced today that they are releasing the new i59 irons, adding to their already impressive range of irons in the ‘i model’.

Are Ping drivers made in China?

Today all the components of Ping golf clubs are made in China, including Ping Irons and Ping drivers. Like many other American golf companies, Ping also moved some of its production and factory to China 10 years ago for cheap labor and materials.

Are any golf clubs made in the USA in 2021?

The only major golf club company that is still manufacturing clubs in the USA is Ping. Ping started making putters many years ago and has continued to expand and grow and make as many of their clubs on American soil as possible.