Where are the blueprints in Old Town dying light?

Where are the blueprints in Old Town dying light?

The blueprint is on the table in a small storeroom in the safezone.

Where can I find all blueprints in dying light?

  • Blueprint Locations | Slums. -230V. -Airport Security. -Bad Hangover. -Barbershop. -Cattle Stamp.
  • Blueprint Locations | Old Town. -All-In-One. -Angel Sword (Reward for the quest “Troll”) -BadAss. -Cloud9.
  • Blueprint Locations | Countryside. -A Mysterious Blueprint. -Bad Plug. -Big Thunder. -Chill Kill.
  • Blueprint Locations | Antenna.

Where is the best blueprint in dying light?

The Angel Sword Blueprint is the mega ass-kicker of the game. To get this and add it to your weapon, you need to obtain the blueprint and have all the required parts ready in your inventory. The blueprint comes at the end of a side mission with Rupert the Gunsmith, titled “Troll”.

Where is the mysterious blueprint in dying light?

Origami 101 – The blueprint is at the top of a large white tower. It’s inside the mysterious box. The only way to open the box is to use a hacking tool obtained during the Rocket Waggoon side quest.

Where can I find a katana in Dying Light?

Located on the top of an apartment complex you can get to the top by jumping on an air conditioning unit and parkouring your way up. Once you get to the top jump over over a bunch of boxes to find a hidden box. Try to open the box 50 times and which point you gain the “Korek Katana” blueprint.

What is the highest damage weapon in Dying Light?

Gold-tier is the sixth, final rarity in Dying Light, it is considered the best among rarities, as the Gold-tier weapons have the highest possible damage, durability, repairs and handling for melee weapons in the game.

What is the PYZA suit in Dying Light?

Pyza suit is a gliding suit that can be crafted in Dying Light. The suit’s blueprints can be obtained by finding the hidden purple block in the World 1-1 Easter egg. It is considered a throwable weapon, if you equip it you can glide for a couple of seconds before gaining speed and taking a lot of fall damage.