What are the three important steps when handling as3 event?

What are the three important steps when handling as3 event?

These are: (1) the event, (2) the response, and (3) the event source.

What is an event listener Actionscript?

Event listeners, which are also called event handlers, are functions that Flash Player and AIR execute in response to specific events. Second, you use the addEventListener() method to register your listener function with the target of the event or any display list object that lies along the appropriate event flow.

What are event handlers in Flash?

An event handler simply tells Flash what to do when a specific kind of event happens. Creating an event handler is a two-part operation: first, you add, or “register,” a listener to detect the event and trigger a function, and second, you create the function that tells Flash how to respond.

Can you add more than one event listener?

Each event needs its own listener In vanilla JavaScript, each event type requires its own event listener. Unfortunately, you can’t pass in multiple events to a single listener like you might in jQuery and other frameworks.

What is event flow in flash?

The event flow describes how an event object moves through the display list. The display list is organized in a hierarchy that can be described as a tree. At the top of the display list hierarchy is the Stage, which is a special display object container that serves as the root of the display list.

What are library symbols in Flash?

The Library is the repository of all recurring elements, known as symbols, that are placed as Instances within a Flash movie. Imported sounds and bitmaps are automatically placed in the Library. Upon creation, both Buttons and Movie Clips are also stored in the Library.

How do you add the same event listener to multiple elements?

Adding event listener to multiple elements To add the event listener to the multiple elements, first we need to access the multiple elements with the same class name or id using document. querySelectorAll() method then we need to loop through each element using the forEach() method and add an event listener to it.

Can we use same event handler on multiple components?

Answer. By passing an anonymous function, or a named function, with multiple event handler calls as the function body, to our event listener (like onClick , onKeyUp , onChange , etc) we can call multiple event handlers in response to a single event.

What is the flow of event?

An event flow is a partially ordered graph that traces event instances and causality relations among them.

What is the purpose of Flash library?

Each Adobe Flash Creative Suite 5 document contains a library, a repository of reusable graphics, animations, buttons, sounds, video, and even fonts. As you build your Flash CS5 movie, you can add to your library any piece of artwork you’ve created on the stage.

What is the importance of folders in library panel?

Folders are great for organizing assets in the Library panel. When you add a folder to the library, it’s initially empty. You can then drag symbols into each folder, as you’re going to do in just a moment. Folders can also be nested inside other folders.