Who are the 7 Spanish Angels in the song?

Who are the 7 Spanish Angels in the song?

Willie Nelson
Ray Charles
Seven Spanish Angels/Artists

Who wrote and sang Seven Spanish Angels?

Eddie Setser
Troy Seals
Seven Spanish Angels/Composers

What song did Willie Nelson and Ray Charles sing together?

Seven Spanish Angels
Willie Nelson and Ray Charles Duet Reception On March 23, 1985, “Seven Spanish Angels” and Friendship record both reached No. 1 on the country charts.

When was Seven Spanish Angels?

Seven Spanish Angels/Released

Is Seven Spanish Angels true?

The song “Seven Spanish Angels” was written by Eddie Setser and Troy Seals, but the true magic occurred when country music icon Willie Nelson partnered in a duet with the pioneer of soul music, Ray Charles, to put a sound to it that was unlike any other.

Why are there 7 Spanish Angels?

Setser had suggested the title “Seven Spanish Angels” and he and Seals had written the song as a homage to the tejano flavored classic hits of Marty Robbins exemplified by Robbins’ career record “El Paso” (Troy Seals quote): “When we finished it we thought ‘Who in the world’s gonna do it?’

Why were there 7 Spanish Angels?

Is there a movie about Seven Spanish Angels?

“Seven Spanish Angels” has that cinematic quality Thompson describes, although it’s decidedly a short film. Two verses tell the story. The rest plays out in the listener’s imagination.

When did the song Seven Spanish Angels come out?

About Seven Spanish Angels “Seven Spanish Angels” is a song written by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser, and recorded by Ray Charles as a duet with Willie Nelson. It was released in November 1984 as a single from Charles’ 1984 album Friendship.

Who is the singer on seven Spanish Angels by Ray Charles?

Ray Charles “Seven Spanish Angels” is a duet sung by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson. Willie describes the song as a story about “gunfights and death on the lonely Southwestern frontier.”

What does Line 5 of seven Spanish Angels mean?

Line 5, saying “could hear the riders”, refers not only to the enemy army, but also to the riders in the book of revelations. The four horsemen, bringing all sorts of death and destruction with them. The 7 angels and an allusion to the 7 angels in Revelations, who undo the 7 seals of heaven, and release the 7 judgments upon the world.

When did Willie Nelson record seven Spanish Angels?

Willie Nelson – Seven Spanish Angels. “Seven Spanish Angels’ is a 1984 single written by Troy Seals and Eddie Setser and recorded by Ray Charles with Willie Nelson. “Seven Spanish Angels” would be the most successful of Ray Charles’ eight hits… Read More…