Is the Audi A1 a 5 seater?

Is the Audi A1 a 5 seater?

If you want five seats, you’ll either have to go for the five-door Sportback, or consider something like the DS 3 which has more space in the boot and in the rear. The A1 is over 100mm longer than a MINI hatchback, which means there’s more legroom and the boot is slightly bigger.

Is Audi A1 4 or 5 seats?

Audi A1 Sportback interior space & storage All UK cars come with five seats as standard, but don’t expect masses of space in the back – tall adults will find it a squeeze to sit behind one another. The middle seat is also not much use for anyone other than a child, so don’t think of this car as a proper five-seater.

Do the back seats go down in Audi A1?

The Audi A1 is another that’s strictly par for the course: you get 60/40 split-folding rear seats, which are released by pulling levers near the rear headrests. That’s your lot.

Is an Audi A1 a good first car?

The Audi A1 has received 5-star reliability ratings from owners on the Automobile Association website. Typical of the Audi brand, the A1 is built for reliability and is a great option for a first car if you want to avoid excessive repairs and service needs.

Is the Audi A1 25 TFSI Technik 5DR 2021 review?

Audi A1 25 TFSI Technik 5dr 2021 Review | What Car? We couldn’t find the page you were looking for. Either we’ve sent you in the wrong direction, or you’re looking for something we don’t have.

Is the Audi A1 a good car to buy?

Read on through this Audi A1 review to find the answers to those questions, as well as our verdict on which version makes the most sense. After that, head over to our New Car Buying pages and check out the latest Audi A1 deals. You could save a packet on this car, or any other make and model you are looking to buy, without any awkward haggling.

What’s the difference between a 3 and a 5 door Audi?

Audi’s A1 5-door Sportback is slightly taller and wider than its 3-door sibling, but you’ll find very little penalty in terms of style. The sharp creases and dramatic LED lights, front and rear have been carried over. And the A1 5-door Sportback gets a range of new alloy wheel designs, ranging from 15 to 18-inch in size.

What kind of engine does the Audi A1 have?

The Audi A1 is available with a broad choice of engines, all of them petrols, with power outputs ranging from sensible to very spicy indeed. At the bottom of the range you’ll find a couple of three-cylinder engines, while at the top is a 2.0-litre with near hot hatch levels of performance.