How can I contact Social Point?

How can I contact Social Point?

Contact Email [email protected].

  • Phone Number +34 931 81 40 98.
  • Who owns Social Point?

    Take-Two Interactive
    Socialpoint/Parent organizations

    Is Social Point a good company? is a incompetent fraud company I have written to them 4 times, by email, through the game ML, on their contact page for problems and through Apple ID. They have the absolute worst service I have experienced regarding online games and I never buy from the scam company again, never!

    What is social points phone number?

    Our National 800 Number, 1-800-772-1213, is available between 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    What is Dragon City’s email?

    Dragon City Wiki:Contact Social Point

    Email(-) [email protected]
    Phone(!) +34 93 181 40 98

    Why was Social Empires deleted?

    Both games are no longer in production therefore not supported. They are no longer available in the app stores. At this point, Social Point has different owners and the rights to those games may not have been a part of the purchase since both games were out of production at the time of the sale.

    How much is Social Point worth?

    Take-Two Interactive, the games maker behind big titles like Grand Theft Auto, Civilization and BioShock that once rebuffed a $2 billion acquisition offer from EA, has made a definitive move into the world of mobile gaming: it has acquired Social Point, a publisher based out of Barcelona, for $250 million with …

    What are social points?

    Social Points (SP) are a type of currency that became available after the Neighbours Update was installed. They’re similar to Lifestyle Points, but are purple in colour instead.