How can I improve my kindness in middle school?

How can I improve my kindness in middle school?

24 Awesome Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School

  1. Throw kindness around like confetti—as in, all over the school campus.
  2. Invite students to write notes to school staff at an appreciation station.
  3. Teach kids to be kind to others—and themselves—both online and offline at a Family Tech Talk: Virtual Edition event.

How do you help a struggling middle school student?

Here are some steps you can take to help struggling kids:

  1. Get to know your students and their families.
  2. Use the resources and specialists available in your school.
  3. Encourage students to participate in their own learning by assigning work that’s worth their effort.
  4. Differentiate instruction.

How do you teach kindness in the classroom?

Tips for Teaching Kindness

  1. Model Kindness.
  2. Teach Empathy with Intentionality.
  3. Celebrate Kindness Week.
  4. Facilitate Morning Meetings.
  5. Emphasis on Friendship.
  6. Create a Friendship and Kindness Center.
  7. Create a Challenge to Spread Kindness.
  8. Leverage Social Stories Including a Problem To Solve.

Who is a struggling student?

When teachers and schools use the term, they do so to describe special education students mandated to receive services, students identified as struggling learners who receive mandated or nonmandated supplemental academic intervention services, and other students who receive no additional support or services as well.

What to say to a student who is struggling?

3. Make encouraging comments specific, rather than general. Telling a student “You’re smart!” after making the highest grade on a test may tell the rest of the students, just as clearly “you’re not as smart.” Rather, say more specifically, “You’re quick at Algebra; you may have special potential there!”