Does Ski Doo still make a fan cooled engine?

Does Ski Doo still make a fan cooled engine?

Ski-Doo keeps its 550 fan-cooled two-stroke for low buck utility in its Expedition, Skandic and Tundra models. Ski-Doo’s crossover sport utility sled, the Expedition Sport, offers both the fan-cooled 550 and the technologically new high-mileage ACE engines as options.

Should I buy a fan cooled snowmobile?

If you live in a less-cold or slightly warm climate, like in Wyoming, where the snow is hard for most of the snowmobiling season, then you should buy a fan-cooled snowmobile. It will overheat as the heat exchangers are not getting blasted by snow, and the coolant is not getting cooled down.

Do fan cooled snowmobiles overheat?

If a snowmobile isn’t liquid-cooled, then it has fan cooling. A series of fans near the engine blow cool air its way so the engine doesn’t overheat. One benefit of fan cooling is it’s usually more maintenance-free compared to using coolant… usually.

Can you run an air cooled snowmobile engine in the summer?

The motor will run warmer than it’s used to, and you’ll have to change the jetting all around to compensate for the higher temps, but you won’t destroy the motor.

Are fan-cooled sleds good?

Fan-cooled snowmobiles are sometimes overlooked as second-class snowmobiles, though that’s hardly fair. Fan-cooled sleds have some definite advantages over their liquid-cooled counterparts, namely with low-maintenance, reliable engines and a lower price.

Does Skidoo still make a 550 fan?

The company is dumping its 550 fan-cooled engine and 600 carb powerplant and replacing both with a new liquid-cooled, fuel-injected Rotax 600 engine purposely held down to about 85 hp. It was built with a low pricepoint in mind, and also designed to be an easy to use and control engine.

Are fan cooled sleds good?

What does liquid cooled mean snowmobile?

Snowmobile coolant flows within your sled’s system to keep the engine at the appropriate temperature when riding. These sleds are known as liquid-cooled snowmobiles. Some sleds are fan-cooled, which means fans redirect cool air to the engine to keep it from overheating.

How warm is too warm for a liquid cooled snowmobile?

fan cooled sleds dont run well above 30 degrees. Liquid cooled run fine. Just make sure your riding on snow and not ice packed roads or you can melt the hyfax – but you can do that in cold weather too.

How warm can you run a fan cooled snowmobile?

Jet down a size for warm temps. Air is less dense and you need less fuel when air temps are above freezing. Especially on the Fan cooled sleds. I’ve run 440 cat fan cooled sleds up to 45 deg F (7 deg C) with no problems by jetting down one size.

What snowmobiles are fan cooled?

We recommend Polaris’ Super Sport, the ski-doo’s REV fan-cooled MXZ and the Arctic Cat’s Z 570. While all three have the same engines, each has taken a different path when it comes to suspension and ergonomics.

What kind of fan cooled snowmobile does Ski Doo use?

Ski-Doo keeps its 550 fan-cooled two-stroke for low buck utility in its Expedition, Skandic and Tundra models. And, of course, Polaris used its Fuji-built 550 class two-stroke as a key ingredient in its reincarnation of the value-priced Indy series.

What kind of clutch does Ski Doo use?

Ski-Doo’s Lite clutch set up was actually a Powerbloc system, simply renamed and tuned for the Rotax 550. Ski-Doo developed the new eDrive from its sister Can-Am ATV line and has expanded the eDrive concept to handle the all-new ACE 900 four-stroke. Ski-Doo’s fan-cooled MXZ Sport 550 offers the most rear suspension travel at 15-inches.

How much horsepower does a fan cooled snowmobile have?

The engine reaches the top of its rpm range at 7000 and the horsepower rating is 55. The good news is that it works, it’s dependable and it’s not a dog. It gives enough power to make one forget it’s a fan, and even gives a little punch when held wide open.

How many horsepower does a Rotax 550 snowmobile have?

A stalwart and somewhat historic fan-cooled two-stroke, versions of the Rotax 550 have been used in a disparate collection of Ski-Doo snowmobiles dating back to at least the 1988 Stratos, a strut-suspended sport sled. The modern Rotax 550 develops 53 hp at 6800 revs with about 45 ft/lbs of torque at 5700 rpm.