What does Ventoux mean in French?

What does Ventoux mean in French?

The name Ventoux is often thought to originate from the French word for windy, Venteux, but the correct etymology is the word Vinturi, meaning mountain. So the literal translation of Mont Ventoux is Mount Mountain.

Why is the Ventoux bald?

The top of the mountain is bare limestone without vegetation or trees, which makes the mountain’s barren peak appear from a distance to be snow-capped all year round (its snow cover actually only lasts from December to April).

What is the geology of Mont Ventoux?

Located in the northern foothills of Mont Ventoux, this is a vertical slab of Jurassic limestone that has weathered into a lace-like outcropping. It all began 200 million years ago, with intense volcanic activity during the Triassic Era, whose famous “Trias de Suzette” soils still characterize the region today.

What is a good time up Mont Ventoux?

The pros do the route from Bédoin in about an hour. The fastest time recorded to date is Iban Mayo’s time of 55 minutes 51 seconds in the individual climbing time trial of the 2004 Dauphiné Libéré. Top amateurs ride it in less than two hours.

Does Mont Ventoux have snow?

Mont Ventoux, the “Giant of Provence” Mont Ventoux is an east-west oriented ridge located about 20 km north of Carpentras in the Vaucluse. Actually, Mont Ventoux is only snow-covered above 1300 m from December to April, and for the rest of the year the summit is just bare limestone, free of any vegetation.

What mountain is called the Giant of Provence?

Mont Ventoux
Mont Ventoux is a mythical mountain also called The Giant of Provence. This was the Tuscan poet Francis Petrarch, April 25, 1336 which made ​​the first ascent of Mont Ventoux.

What day is Mont Ventoux 2021?

The infamous, ‘mythical’ Mont Ventoux stage of the Tour de France is taking place today (July 7). We explain – and explore ways to visit the picturesque peak even if you are not a world-class cyclist. Mont Ventoux is a 1,910-metre peak in Vaucluse, Provence.

How long does it take to climb Mont Ventoux on Zwift?

While there are several ramps of remarkable steepness, Mont Ventoux shows a bit of mercy by allowing riders to find a rhythm and stick with it. We established ourselves in a group and had many of the same people around us going up. The fastest ascent of the day was just over one hour; sixty-three minutes to be exact.

How fast do pros climb Mont Ventoux?

Mayo’s average speed of 23.1km/h was fast enough to beat some of the biggest names of the time, including Tyler Hamilton and Lance Armstrong, and is still the fastest ever ascent of Ventoux on record. López averaged 22.27km/h on the 7.5 per cent average gradient climb.

Can you drive to the top of Mont Ventoux?

If you’ve got a car, you can drive to the summit of Mont Ventoux from either Malaucène or Saint Estève via the D974, or from Sault via the D164. For information on bus services in the area visit the Carpentras Tourist Office (referenced below).

What mountain range is Mont Ventoux?

Mount Ventoux/Mountain range
4 Mont Ventoux is geologically in the Alps but is often thought of as separate from them because of a lack of mountains of a similar height nearby. It stands alone to the north of the Luberon range. 5 Mt Ventoux is legendary in the Tour de France.

What is the elevation of Mont Ventoux in France?

Mont Ventoux. At an elevation of 1.912m (6,273ft) above the sea level, Mont Ventoux is located in the Provence region of southern France.

Why is Mont Ventoux such a good ride?

The reason I keep going back is simple: it’s a great ride for the reasonably fit, and the whole area has some of the best cycling I’ll ever find. The first time I rode up Mont Ventoux, in 2000, it was easier than I had imagined, at least for a while.

When was the road to Mt Ventoux opened?

The road leading to the peak of Mt. Ventoux was opened in 1900. The climb can often be hard due to windy conditions and/or heat. One is very exposed to the elements at higher altitude on this mountain. It’s one of the hardest and most epic climbs you can ride on two wheels.

When did Mont Ventoux start and finish in the Tour de France?

Tour de France stages with summit finishes on Mont Ventoux Year Stage Start of stage Distance (km) Category 1958 18 Bédoin 21.5 ( ITT ) 1 1965 14 Montpellier 173 1 1970 14 Gap 170 1 1972 11 Carnon-Plage 207 1