How old is dzibilchaltun?

How old is dzibilchaltun?

Dzibilchaltun is among the oldest sites on the Yucatan Peninsula dating back to as early as 500 B.C., and was still inhabited at the time of the Spanish Conquest making it one the the longest term populated sites in the Maya World.

What was dzibilchaltun used for?

It also remains the city state in longest continuous use in the Mayan world: Dzibilchaltun was used as an administrative and ceremonial capital from roughly 1500BC until the 16th century Spanish conquest. At its height, it’s believed to have covered 15 square kilometres, and had over 8400 structures.

How to get to Dzibilchaltun from Merida?

Getting to Dzibilchaltun Dzibilchaltun is only 9 miles from Merida. Merida taxi drivers would be happy to take you to this site or you can hop on public transportation to the site. Combi vans (collectivos) can be found on Calle 69 between 62 and 64 in San Juan Park, Merida. These vans go directly to Dzibilchaltun.

Where is the Temple of the Seven Dolls located?

Dzibilchaltún (Yucatec: Ts’íibil Cháaltun, [d̥z̥ʼiː˧˥biɭ tɕʰɒːl˦˥tuŋ]) is a Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán, approximately 10 miles (16 km) north of state capital Mérida….Dzibilchaltun.

Temple of the Seven Dolls at Dzibilchaltun
Location within Mesoamerica
Location Yucatán, Mexico
Region Yucatán

How do you pronounce dzibilchaltun?

dzibilchaltun Pronunciation. dziˌbil tʃɑlˈtundzi·bilchal·tun.

How do you get to Merida cenotes?

Long-distance buses also connect Merida to other cities in Mexico, while taxis run shorter routes. Although there are a couple of cenotes right near the center of Merida, you’ll find most of the cenotes around Merida slightly further afield, from as little as 15 minutes away by car to roughly an hour.

What was the Pyramid of the Magician used for?

The Pyramid of the Magician is the first building a visitor encounters entering the ceremonial area of Uxmal, just north of the Ball Game Court and the Palace of the Governor and east of the Nunnery Quadrangle.

Where are the Mayapan ruins?

The Mayapán ruins are located a few miles south of the town of Telchaquillo, about 25 miles south of Mérida and about 60 miles West of Chichen Itza. We do recommend that travelers from the Riviera Maya or Costa Maya stay overnight in either Merida or a small Yucatan town.

Does Merida have cenotes?

The cenotes around Merida are famous for their beauty, isolation and cool, brilliant waters. Probably the most famous cenotes near Merida are the Cuzama cenotes, which are discovered by horse and cart, and the Homun cenotes, which are known as being off-the-beaten-path and untouched.

How much does it cost to go to Dzibilchaltun?

Dzibilchaltun is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm. Admission Fee When visiting this Mayan archeological site you need to pay 2 fees, one for the Yucatán Tax Administration Agency, and a second one for the National Institute of Arts and History.

Why was the city of Dzibilchaltun located where it was?

In the view of modern researchers, the ancient builders of Dzibilchaltún may have chosen the site of the city to be as close as possible to the coastal salt-producing region (about 22 km (13.7 mi) away), while still being located on a reasonably fertile and habitable terrain.

Where is the Dzibilchaltun archaeological site in Mexico?

Dzibilchaltun. Dzibilchaltún ( Yucatec: Ts’íibil Cháaltun, [d̥z̥ʼiː˧˥biɭ tɕʰɒːl˦˥tuŋ]) is a Maya archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán, approximately 10 miles (16 km) north of state capital Mérida .

How big is the equinox in Dzibilchaltun?

7 km long, averaging 20 m in width and 1.5 m in height. At the edge were terraces constructed of loose rubble covered by plaster floors. The Equinox in Dzibilchaltun