Who has the most RBIS in the postseason?

Who has the most RBIS in the postseason?

Bernie Williams
The record for most career runs batted in in the postseason is 80 by Bernie Williams (Puerto Rico) playing for the New York Yankees (USA) from to 1991 to 2006.

Who has the most home runs in MLB postseason history?

Here is a look at the top postseason home run hitters of all time.

  • 1) Manny Ramírez: 29 HR.
  • 2) Bernie Williams: 22 HR.
  • 3) Derek Jeter: 20 HR.
  • T-4) Albert Pujols: 19 HR.
  • T-4) George Springer: 19 HR.
  • T-6) Reggie Jackson: 18 HR.
  • T-6) Mickey Mantle: 18 HR.
  • T-6) Jose Altuve: 18 HR.

What is the biggest blowout in MLB playoff history?

Baseball (MLB). The modern record (i.e., post-1900) for margin of victory was set in 2007, when the Texas Rangers defeated the Baltimore Orioles, 30–3.

Who has the most plate appearances in MLB history?

Pete Rose
Career Leaders & Records for Plate Appearances

Rank Player (yrs, age) Plate Appearances
1. Pete Rose (24) 15890
2. Carl Yastrzemski+ (23) 13992
3. Henry Aaron+ (23) 13941
4. Rickey Henderson+ (25) 13346

Who has the highest World Series batting average?

Barry Bonds
All-time and Single-Season World Series Batting Leaders

Rank. Player
1. Barry Bonds .700
2. David Ortiz .576
3. Phil Garner .571
4. Max Carey .552

What is the most home runs hit in a postseason?

20 home runs
By Katie McInerney Globe Staff,Updated October 19, 2021, 8:51 a.m. The Red Sox have hit 20 home runs in the postseason — tying the MLB record set in 2004 by the Houston Astros. They added four on Monday in an ALCS Game 3 win over Houston at Fenway Park, putting them within two wins of a pennant.

What does G stand for in baseball?

Games Played (G) Grand Slam (GSH) Ground Into Double Play (GIDP) Groundout-to-Airout Ratio (GO/AO) Hit-by-pitch (HBP)

Does hit-by-pitch count for on-base percentage?

A hit-by-pitch does not count as a hit, but it does count as a time on base for on-base percentage purposes.