What is the role of RNA polymerase 1?

What is the role of RNA polymerase 1?

RNA polymerase I transcribes the genes that encode the structural RNAs for the subunits of the ribosome. RNA polymerase II transcribes the genes that encode proteins as well as a subset of small RNAs. RNA polymerase III transcribes the genes encoding ribosomal 5S RNA, tRNAs, and a subset of other small RNAs.

What does the CMV promoter do?

The CMV promoter is a commonly used promoter for the production of high level recombinant protein in mammalian cells17. However, the expression level of the transgene driven by CMV promoter decreases with extended culture times because of transcriptional silencing, which is associated with DNA methylation18, 19.

Does the promoter recruit RNA polymerase?

Nuclear eukaryotic genomes are transcribed by three related RNA polymerases (Pol), which transcribe distinct gene sets. Specific Pol recruitment is achieved through selective core promoter recognition by basal transcription factors (TFs).

How does RNA polymerase 1 work?

RNA polymerase 1 (also known as Pol I) is, in higher eukaryotes, the polymerase that only transcribes ribosomal RNA (but not 5S rRNA, which is synthesized by RNA polymerase III), a type of RNA that accounts for over 50% of the total RNA synthesized in a cell.

Is RNA polymerase needed for translation?

The rRNA molecules are considered structural RNAs because they have a cellular role but are not translated into protein. The rRNAs are components of the ribosome and are essential to the process of translation. RNA polymerase II is responsible for transcribing the overwhelming majority of eukaryotic genes. Figure 1.

What are the functions of RNA polymerase 1 and 2 in eukaryotes?

RNA polymerase I (RNAPI) transcribes rRNA genes, RNA polymerase II (RNAPII) transcribes mRNA, miRNA, snRNA, and snoRNA genes, and RNA polymerase III (RNAPIII) transcribes tRNA and 5S rRNA genes. This is in contrast with prokaryotes where a single RNA polymerase is responsible for the transcription of all genes.