What happened in chapter 32 of Jane Eyre?

What happened in chapter 32 of Jane Eyre?

Summary: Chapter 32 John and Rosamond, who often visits the school when she knows St. John will be there. Rosamond asks Jane to draw her portrait, and as she is working on it one day, St. She offers to draw him a duplicate, and then boldly declares that he ought to marry Rosamond.

What does St. John tear off from the paper?

St. John tears a tiny piece off a spare scrap of paper after appearing very interested in it. Jane thinks this behavior is very odd. John was already suspicious that Jane Elliot might be Jane Eyre, and his suspicions were confirmed when he spied “Jane Eyre” written on a scrap of paper in her cottage.

How does Jane surprise St John Rivers Chapter 32?

How does Jane surprise St. John Rivers in chapter 32? She finds out that St. John likes Rosamond.

Who is in love with Rosamond?

St John loves Miss Rosamund but will not marry her, as he believes she will not make a good missionary’s wife. St John isolates himself from Miss Rosamund by being cold-hearted and distant. He does this, as he believes God has called him to become a missionary.

Who does Diana marry in Jane Eyre?

Mary Rivers
For two years, Rochester remained almost completely blind, but slowly his sight has returned to him. He was able to see his first-born son. And what has happened to the rest of the cast? Diana and Mary Rivers have both married.

Is there unrequited love in Jane Eyre?

Both Jane and St. John suffer from unrequited love in this chapter.

Who is St John Rivers in Jane Eyre?

John Rivers is the clergyman of the parish in Morton and is the brother of Diana and Mary. He is later revealed to be Jane Eyre’s cousin.

Why did Rochester marry Bertha Mason?

Despite never being alone with her, and supposedly having had scarcely any interaction or conversation with her, he married her for her wealth and beauty, and with fierce encouragement from his own father and the Mason family. Rochester and Bertha began their lives as husband and wife in Jamaica.

Who is Mr Brocklehurst based on?

William Carus Wilson
William Carus Wilson (7 July 1791 – 30 December 1859) was an English churchman and the founder and editor of the long-lived monthly The Children’s Friend. He was the inspiration for Mr Brocklehurst, the autocratic head of Lowood School, depicted by Charlotte Brontë in her 1847 novel Jane Eyre.

How did Jane finally marry Rochester?

Rochester and Jane finally marry with a quiet ceremony. Immediately, Jane writes to the Rivers, explaining what she has done. Diana and Mary both approve of her marriage, but Jane receives no response from St. She feels blessed beyond anything language can express, because she and Rochester love each other absolutely.

Why did Mr. Rochester marry Bertha Mason?

Rochester’s marriage to Bertha eventually stands in the way of his marrying Jane Eyre, who is unaware of Bertha’s existence and whom he truly loves. Rochester suggests that Bertha’s parents wanted her to marry him, because he was of “good race”, implying that she was not pure white, while he was.