Is Martyn Poliakoff knighted?

Is Martyn Poliakoff knighted?

Poliakoff was knighted in the 2015 New Year Honours for services to the chemical sciences. Poliakoff was awarded the Lord Lewis Prize in 2016 for his work concerning the applications of supercritical fluids, and for his work in the development of science policy within the EU and globally.

How old is Martyn Poliakoff?

73 years (December 16, 1947)
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Who is the guy from periodic videos?

Rob Stockman is an organic chemist specialising in heterocyclic organic chemistry. John Moses’ research interests include anti-cancer drugs and chemical biology. Brady Haran is a video journalist and the creator of this project.

Can Martyn Poliakoff speak Russian?

His father was Russian and he delivered his first scientific lecture in Moscow in 1971 (in English, although he does speak Russian fluently).

What is black nitrogen?

Black nitrogen is formed when nitrogen is placed in a diamond stamp cell between opposite diamonds and pressed together under extremely high pressures.

How old is the professor from periodic videos?

In 1991 he was promoted to professor, and in 2015 he was knighted in the New Year Honours for services to the chemical sciences. Martyn is now 71 years old, and still working at the University of Nottingham as a researcher and teacher, an achievement of which he is proud.

What is the formula of black phosphorus?

Technical Data

CAS number 7723-14-0
Chemical formula P
Molecular weight 30.97 g/mol
Bandgap 0.3 eV ~ 1.5 eV
Synthesis Synthetic, by chemical vapour transport (CVT)

What is nitrogen used for?

Nitrogen is important to the chemical industry. It is used to make fertilisers, nitric acid, nylon, dyes and explosives. To make these products, nitrogen must first be reacted with hydrogen to produce ammonia.

What are the two forms of black phosphorus?

Black Phosphorus Black phosphorus exists in two forms; alpha-black phosphorus and beta-black phosphorus. These two forms have different formation paths. Red phosphorus when heated in a sealed tube at 803 K temperature it forms alpha-black phosphorus.

What can black phosphorus be used for?

Black phosphorus powder is generally used to prepare black phosphorus quantum-dots (BPQDs) and nano-platelets by liquid-exfoliation (assisted by sonication). As a result of its high purity, the powdered form can also be used in chemical vapour deposition to create high-quality, atomically thin films.