What is process-oriented thinking?

What is process-oriented thinking?

The process-oriented individual is the perfectionist who is keen on verifying that they have completed each step of the process according to the instructions. When confronted with material handling equipment they seek out the policies and procedures of how to handle that equipment rather than making up their own rules.

What does process-oriented mean?

adjective. That emphasizes or focuses on processes, systems, or procedures rather than results or underlying causes.

What is called as a process-oriented skills?

1. The Process-Oriented Approach. A process-oriented approach strives to move and make improvements. It motivates followers to fight to look for achieving results by following a pattern. Process-oriented approach prevents people from running the risk of attaining an objective by sitting and resting happily.

What is process-oriented learning?

Process-oriented learning means that instead of teaching facts or a way to do something, teachers will act more like facilitators, scaffolding the students’ process of coming up with ideas and thinking about the process.

How do you know if you are process-oriented?


  1. self-disciplined and settles well into established systems and structures.
  2. focuses on the journey as well as the destination.
  3. always complies with the rules.
  4. adept at keeping things running smoothly.
  5. could appear formal, task-based and mechanical.
  6. may not always challenge status quo.

Is process-oriented a skill?

Being process-oriented, not product-driven, is the most important and difficult skill for a designer to develop.

How do you know if you are process oriented?

What are the basic process skills?

The 6 Science Process Skills

  • Observing. This is the most basic skill in science.
  • Communicating. It is important to be able to share our experiences.
  • Classifying. After making observations it is important to notice similarities, differences, and group objects according to a purpose.
  • Inferring.
  • Measuring.
  • Predicting.

What is process oriented activity?

6. PROCESS-ORIENTED LEARNING COMPETENCIES • Process-oriented performance-based assessment is concerned with the actual task performance rather than the output or product of the activity. LEARNING COMPETENCIES • Competencies are defined as groups or clusters of skills and abilities needed for a particular task.

What is process oriented syllabus?

Average: 1.8 (4 votes) A process-oriented syllabus focuses on the skills and processes involved in learning language. It can be compared with a product-oriented syllabus, which focuses on completed acts of communication, the outputs.

Is process oriented a skill?