Why did Queen Hatshepsut build a temple?

Why did Queen Hatshepsut build a temple?

She commissioned her mortuary temple at some point soon after coming to power in 1479 BCE and had it designed to tell the story of her life and reign and surpass any other in elegance and grandeur.

What was found in Queen Hatshepsut’s tomb?

Inside this tomb, Carter found mummified geese and other meat offerings and the bodies of two elderly women, one in a coffin labeled with the name and title of great royal nurse, named Sitre In, and the other lying unconfined on the floor.

What was inside Hatshepsut’s temple?

Known as Djeser Djeseru, or “holy of holies,” her temple was decorated with scenes from her reign and housed shrines to Anubis, god of the dead; Hathor, goddess of fertility; Amun, king of gods; and Re, god of the sun. [Related: See the Mummy of Hatshepsut.]

What is Hatshepsut’s temple called?

Deir el-Bahri
After the introduction of Christianity, Hatshepsut’s temple was used as a monastery, hence its modern name, Deir el-Bahri, Arabic for “Northern Monastery.” Hatshepsut was a female pharaoh who had herself represented pictorially as a male. She served as co-regent with her nephew Thutmose III (c.

Why is the Temple of Hatshepsut so important?

The Temple was built to commemorate the achievements of the great Queen Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty), and as a funerary Temple for her, as well as a sanctuary of the god, Amon Ra. In the 7th century AD, it was named after a Coptic monastery in the area, known as the “Northern Monastery”.

Can you go inside the temple of Hatshepsut?

You can also visit the temple, and all of the other popular sites in the area, on a Nile Cruise. It is best to visit Hatshepsut Temple with a guide. There are some fascinating stories about the temple as well as the pharaoh herself, and a guide will be able to tell you everything you want to know.

Can you go inside the Temple of Hatshepsut?

Why was Queen Hatshepsut a powerful leader?

Hatshepsut was a gifted and cunning leader. She had to be to remain in power for 20 years as a woman pharaoh. Rather than go to war, she established trade relationships with many foreign countries. Through trade she made Egypt a rich nation.

Where was the temple of Queen Hatshepsut located?

Hatshepsut Temple Location. Queen Hatshepsut temple is located in Upper Egypt beneath the cliffs of “Deir El-Bahari”, a name that derives from the former monastery built during the Coptic era, about 17 miles northwest of Luxor on the west bank of the river in western Thebes, the great capital of Egypt during Egypt New Kingdom.

Who are the gods in the temple of Hatshepsut?

The Royal Cult Chapel and Solar Cult Chapel both depicted scenes of the royal family making offerings to the gods. Amun-Ra, the composite creator/sun god, is featured prominently in the Solar Cult Chapel with Hatshepsut and her immediate family kneeling before him in honor.

Where is the punt colonnade in Hatshepsut’s temple?

Nekhbet watches over the proceedings, and the sky is festooned with gold stars on a blue background. The Punt colonnade is on the left hand side of the ramp to the third level. Hathsepsut’s expedition to Punt was obviously a great success and so she included a series of depictions of the trip to commemorate it.

How much does it cost to go to Hatshepsut temple?

The Cairo International Airport (CAI) has 1 hour direct flights to the Luxor airport (LXR) for around $90 USD or less, or you can take a 9 hour day train for around $10 or so. Once you’re in Luxor, it’s easy to find a driver to take you to Hatshepsut temple and other sites on the west bank for about 300 EGP (~$20 USD) for the whole day.