Who are the current WV state senators?

Who are the current WV state senators?

Joe Manchin (Democratic Party)
Shelley Moore Capito (Republican Party)
West Virginia/Senators

Who is the Lt Governor of West Virginia?


State Lieutenant governor Took office
Virginia (List) Justin Fairfax January 13, 2018
Washington (List) Denny Heck January 13, 2021
West Virginia (List) Craig Blair January 13, 2021
Wisconsin (List) Mandela Barnes January 7, 2019

Where is Mitch Carmichael from?

Charleston, WV
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What president is from WV?

Birth places

Date of birth President State of birth
January 29, 1843 William McKinley Ohio
December 28, 1856 Woodrow Wilson Virginia
September 15, 1857 William Howard Taft Ohio
October 27, 1858 Theodore Roosevelt New York

Who are the 2 senators from West Virginia?

West Virginia/Senators
The state’s U.S. senators belong to Classes 1 and 2. West Virginia is currently represented in the Senate by Democrat Joe Manchin (serving since 2010) and Republican Shelley Moore Capito (serving since 2015), making it one of seven states to have a split United States Senate delegation.

How many senators are there in WV?

Who is the leader of the Speaker of the House?

The speaker is second in the United States presidential line of succession, after the vice president and ahead of the president pro tempore of the Senate. The current House speaker is Democrat Nancy Pelosi of California.

Who was the longest serving senator from West Virginia?

Byrd was elected to a record ninth consecutive full Senate term on November 7, 2006. He became the longest-serving senator in American history on June 12, 2006, surpassing Strom Thurmond of South Carolina with 17,327 days of service.