What is Ada code D5862?

What is Ada code D5862?

Dental Insurance Codes D5862 – Precision attachment, by report – Each set of male and female components should be reported as one precision attachment.

What is dental Code D6114?

D6114. Implant/abutment supported fixed denture for edentulous arch – maxillary.

What does dental Code D2392 mean?

D2392 Resin-based composite – two surfaces, posterior. D2393 Resin-based composite – three surfaces, posterior. D2394 Resin-based composite – four or more surfaces, posterior.

What is D6011 dental code?

D6011 is used to describe the “second stage” surgical process whereby the implant body, i.e., D6010, is exposed, after osseous integration. Typically a healing cap is placed into the endosteal implant once the body of the implant is surgically exposed after osseous integration.

What is dental Code D6240?

Expert Analysis on dental procedure code D6240. Pontic – porcelain fused to high noble metal. Pontic – porcelain fused to high noble metal unit used to document missing tooth spaces when creating a porcelain Bridge.

What is dental Code D6065?

D6065 Implant Supported Porcelain/Ceramic Crown. A single crown restoration that is retained, supported and stabilized by implant. The restoration attaches directly to the implant body and does not have an abutment that connects the crown to the implant.

What is semi precision attachment?

The purpose of using precision and semi-precision attachments is that they function as the retentive and supporting elements while redirecting the occlusal forces onto the areas that can support or share the masticatory loads. Keeping natural teeth or roots allows for proprioception and maintains alveolar bone levels.

What is dental precision attachment?

Precision attachments. In restorative dentistry, precision attachments are the functional mechanical parts of the removable partial denture made of plastic, metal or a combination of both. They consist of two parts referred as the ‘male’ part that is fixed to a crown inside the patient’s mouth and a ‘female’ part which holds the partial denture.

What is the ADA code for a dental implant?

The ADA advises dentists to use implant codes where applicable, and fixed or removable prosthetic codes (D5000-D5899 and D6200-D6999) as needed. The ADA has assigned 24 new codes to the area of implant services.