How long does it take for a fractured coracoid to heal?

How long does it take for a fractured coracoid to heal?

This treatment resulted in complete recovery after 8 weeks and return to full sports on first league level after 3 month. In conclusion, non-operative treatment of coracoid base fractures with concomitant AC-joint injury in the adolescent can result in excellent functional results and early recovery.

Can you injure coracoid process?

Coracoid process fracture is an uncommon injury, occurring in about 2-5% of all scapular fractures. It is often associated with other shoulder suspensory complex injuries such as acromioclavicular injuries, clavicular fractures, shoulder dislocations, etc.

What is a Coronoid process fracture?

The coronoid process of the ulna is one of the bony structures that can be fractured and has an important role in the stability of elbows after dislocation. Coronoid fractures are relatively uncommon injuries occurring in approximately 2% to 15% of patients with dislocation.

What tendons attach to the coracoid process?

The coracoid also serves as a critical anchor for many tendinous and ligamentous attachments. These include the tendons of the pectoralis minor, coracobrachialis, and short head of the biceps brachii muscles, and the coracoclavicular, coracohumeral, coracoacromial, and transverse scapular ligaments.

What does a coracoid process look like?

The coracoid process (from Greek κόραξ, raven) is a small hook-like structure on the lateral edge of the superior anterior portion of the scapula (hence: coracoid, or “like a raven’s beak”). Pointing laterally forward, it, together with the acromion, serves to stabilize the shoulder joint.

What muscles are attached to coracoid process?

How do you touch the coracoid process?

coracoid process Find the most concave dip in the clavicle and drop inferiorly about 1″ to locate this structure. Palpate gently as the coracoid process is sensitive. Confirm its location by passively moving your partner’s GH joint through 15° to 30° abduction-adduction.