What is the meaning of efflux pump?

What is the meaning of efflux pump?

Efflux pumps are proteinaceous transporters localized in the cytoplasmic membrane of all kinds of cells. They are active transporters, meaning that they require a source of chemical energy to perform their function.

What is efflux pump in bacteria?

Efflux pumps are membrane proteins that are involved in the export of noxious substances from within the bacterial cell into the external environment. They are found in all species of bacteria, and efflux pump genes can be found in bacterial chromosomes or mobile genetic elements, such as plasmids.

What is the function of efflux pump?

Efflux pumps allow the microorganisms to regulate their internal environment by removing toxic substances, including antimicrobial agents, metabolites and quorum sensing signal molecules.

Do humans have efflux pumps?

Indeed, it has been shown that the Vibrio cholerae efflux pump VexB is the primary efflux system responsible for resistance to bile salts in this microorganism [149]. Since bile salts are present at the human gut, the activity of this efflux pump is a pre-requisite for V. cholerae infection.

What efflux means?

1 : something given off in or as if in a stream. 2a : effluence sense 2. b : a passing away : expiration. Other Words from efflux Example Sentences Learn More About efflux.

What are efflux pump inhibitors?

Efflux pump inhibitors (EPIs) are molecules that can inhibit efflux pumps; they have been considered potential therapeutic agents for rejuvenating the activity of antibiotics that have already lost their activity against bacteria.

How do RND efflux pumps work?

RND-type drug efflux pumps from Gram-negative bacteria: molecular mechanism and inhibition. Drug efflux protein complexes confer multidrug resistance on bacteria by transporting a wide spectrum of structurally diverse antibiotics. Moreover, organisms can only acquire resistance in the presence of an active efflux pump.

What is efflux rate?

Efflux rate of tritiated cholesterol is expressed as the percentage of total radioactive counts removed from the cells during the efflux period.

What is efflux of time?

effluxion of time (i-flək-shən) (17c) The expiration of a lease term resulting from the passage of time rather than from a specific action or event. — Also termed efflux of time. Evidently effluxion of time is the raging-popinjay alternative to referring to the end of a contract’s term.

What is another word for efflux?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for efflux, like: emanation, effluence, discharge, outflow, outpour, gush, outpouring, spate, move, influx and inflow.

How do efflux pump inhibitors work?

Antibiotic efflux is one of the major mechanisms, whereby bacteria pump out the antibiotics from their cellular interior to the external environment using special transporter proteins called efflux pumps. Inhibiting these pumps seems to be an attractive strategy at a time when novel antibiotic supplies are dwindling.

How might efflux pumps increase antibiotic resistance?

How might efflux pumps increase antibiotic resistance in bacteria? Resistant bacteria may have a greater number of efflux pumps on their cell surfaces. Some bacteria can decrease the specificity of their efflux pumps, increasing the number of different antibiotics the pumps can eliminate.