How long does Canon g9x battery last?

How long does Canon g9x battery last?

The G9 X Mark II has a respectable battery life of 235 shots – a slight increase from the original G9 X’s 220 shots – while there’s also an eco mode that enables to squeeze 355 shots from the battery.

How long does battery pack NB-13L last?


Power Source Battery Pack NB-13L
Number of Shots (CIPA compliant) Approx. 265 shots
Number of Shots in Eco Mode Approx. 355 shots
Movie Recording Time (CIPA compliant)*1 Approx. 55 min.
Movie Recording Time (Continuous Shooting)*2 Approx. 1 hr. 30 min.

How long does a Canon PowerShot battery last?

The average shooting life of the Canon battery that came with the camera is around 850 shots.

What battery does the Canon Powershot Elph 180 use?

Elph 160 is, Elph 170 IS, Elph 180 IS, Elph 190 IS. Elph 320 HS, Elph 340 HS, Elph 350 HS, Elph 360 HS….

Number of Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
Brand BM Premium
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Unit Count 1 Count
Voltage 3.7 Volts

How do I charge my Canon g9x Mark II?


  1. Slide the cover and open it .
  2. Lower the cover and hold it down as you slide it, until it clicks into the closed position .
  3. With the camera turned off, open the cover .
  4. Insert the large end of the plug into the compact power adapter.
  5. 6-A.
  6. 6-B.
  7. Charging begins and the USB charge lamp lights up.

What cameras use NB-13L battery?

DSTE NB-13L Replacement Li-ion Battery for Canon PowerShot G5X G7X G9X G7 X Mark II G9X Mark II SX620 HS SX720 HS SX730 HS Digital Camera as NB13L.

How much is a G7X battery?

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How long do batteries last in camera?

The physical batteries last for up to three years when used continuously (without being turned off) and two years when cameras are turned off for power savings. The best camera batteries are those that have a long lifespan.

Does Canon SX740 have slow motion?

Even though, with the SX740 you can take really high quality videos – given you have the perfect lighting – the video options are quite limited. The camera does not have the slow-motion feature and I think the only solace you can find when doing videos on your camera is that the footage is in 4K.