Why was Dinotopia Cancelled?

Why was Dinotopia Cancelled?

However, in December the viewing figures had not improved enough to satisfy the ABC network, and the series was canceled, with the result that only six of the thirteen episodes were aired on ABC, although all thirteen were broadcast in Europe in 2003.

Who made Dinotopia?

James Gurney
Dinotopia is a four-hour (three-episode) TV miniseries co-produced by Walt Disney Television and Hallmark Entertainment. It is based on the fictional world of Dinotopia, a utopia in which anthropomorphic dinosaurs and humans coexist, created by American author James Gurney.

Where was the movie Dinotopia filmed?

In October 2000 a crew of filmmakers descended upon the small beach of Porth Ysgaden to film scenes for a TV mini-series called Dinotopia.

How many episodes of Dinotopia are there?

Dinotopia/Number of episodes

Who does Marion end up with Dinotopia?

After all the competition for Marion’s love, Karl wins. He was played by Tyron Leitso in the former, and Erik von Detten in the later. He is given the responsibility of looking after an orphaned Chasmosaurus named 26.

Was there a sequel to Dinotopia?

The show serves as a sequel to Dinotopia (2002) and adds a new threat to the world of Dinotopia in the form of outlaws knows as the Outsiders, as well as more dinos.

What is the last code of Dinotopia?

The code, inscribed in the footprint alphabet Most of the last line is missing and unknown, the original stone tablet having been broken when it was discovered. Nallab jokes to Arthur Denison that the last line could be “Don’t pee in the bath”.

What was the budget for Dinotopia?

$85 million
Dinotopia supposedly cost $85 million to produce — and every dollar is visible on the screen. The sets are breathtaking and the special effects enchanting, even though some are almost becoming cliches in projects of this genre. Alas, the fortune spent on visuals must have come from the writing and casting budget.

What is the order of the Dinotopia books?

Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time1992
Dinotopia: The World Beneath1995Dinotopia: First Flight1999Dinotopia: Journey to Chandara2007