Who should you send with the Salarians on Virmire?

Who should you send with the Salarians on Virmire?

Both Ashley and Kaidan volunteer. Send whomever you wish with Kirrahe, however be warned that whichever one you send will be unavailable as a squadmate for the rest of Virmire. Personal preference or squad balance, keep whichever in mind when choosing.

Can you beat Saren on Virmire?

To fight and defeat Saren in Mass Effect, players will want to focus on using heavy firepower and tech abilities. Shepard and their squad will first face Saren on Virmire. Players can use the combat HUD to order each squadmate to attack Saren, especially from a side or flanking position, while he is distracted.

Which entrance is Virmire?

You can go through the northern entrance to enter the base via the Warehouse, or you can go through the southern entrance [Easy] to enter via the “Virmire: Detainment Level”. You’ll make your decision when you interact with a Security Console, one of which is near either door.

Should I let the salarian commando out?

You now have a choice: let him out, or leave him in. If you let him out he succumbs to the “incessant whispering” and attacks along with the indoctrinated salarians from adjoining cells.

Who is better Kaidan or Ashley?

The difference between the two is just who you like the most, and of course, their combat abilities. Kaidan is a Biotics class while Ashley is a normal Soldier. On the other hand, Ashley is way easier to increase your bond with, since she is much more easy-going and can get along with you really well.

Does it matter who I send with Kirrahe?

Here’s the deal: there is no immediate consequence to who you choose to send with Kirrahe, other than that they will be unavailable to you for your squad for the rest of the Virmire mission. Keep in mind that Ashley has the skill set of the Soldier Class, while Kaidan more closely resembles the Sentinel class.

Is it better to save Ashley or Kaiden?

Should I take Kaidan or Ashley?

Kaidan is a Biotics class while Ashley is a normal Soldier. So from the prospect of gameplay Kaidan might looks a better fit but from the point of romance, Ashley will fit more. Pick whoever you want to pick, both will fit well perfectly in your squad and won’t become a burden later on in the series.

Can Captain Kirrahe survive?

When you get to the first intersection on the walkway, take a right to head North to find the Refueling Platform with the Geth Drones and several Fuel Tanks. Destroy all the Flyers, and you’ll ensure that Captain Kirrahe will survive the Mission.

Who dies Kaidan or Ashley?

Because you’re the commander, you have to make a clear decision about this moment, and unfortunately, there’s no way you can pick to save them both. You have to choose one or the other. If you choose to go with Ashley, regardless of her location, you will lose Kaidan. If you pick to go with Kaidan, Ashley will perish.

Where is Ashley Mass effect1?

This is the point where those who didn’t Romance her in Mass Effect 1 will be able to for the first time in 3. First, you’ll want to meet Ashley at the Citadel at the Docks: Holding Area Memorial. You’ll want to be here for Ash and pick comforting dialogue choices, and use the Paragon Interrupt, to progress things.