What is the Sharia court?

What is the Sharia court?

Sharia Court of Appeals It exists within the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and is a part of the Unified Courts System. The Sharia Court of Appeals reviews cases involving Sharia law, particularly in the North and Northeast regions of the country.

What is the jurisdiction of Sharia Court of Appeal?

(1) A Sharia Court of Appeal of a State shall exercise appellate and supervisory jurisdiction in civil proceedings involving questions of Islamic law. To the governments of all sharia states: Support to Sharia Courts should be increased. They handle most of the litigation in these states, especially for the poor.

What is the role of Sharia court?

The Supreme Court has defined the Sharia court as one with limited and special jurisdiction to hear and decide cases and administer justice for the country’s Muslims. The Code envisions the Sharia court to provide for an effective administration and enforcement of personal laws among Muslims.

What is the head of Sharia Court of Appeal called?

Ishaq Bello
The FCT chief judge, Ishaq Bello, has sworn in three new judges of the Sharia court of appeal. Mr Bello, who is also the chairman, FCT Judicial Committee, admonished the new judges to be sure to administer justice without fear or favour.

Who is the head of a customary court?

Justice Kazeem Alogba has sworn-in the newly appointed President and two members of Customary Courts in Lagos State, imploring them to conduct themselves in a manner that would inspire and confer confidence in the Court system.

What is customary appeal court?

A Customary Court of Appeal has no original jurisdiction. Its jurisdiction is only appellate. Its appellate jurisdiction does not extend to appeals from Magistrates Courts. The appeals must come from no other courts than Customary or Area Courts.

Is Sharia law legal in the Philippines?

Shari’ah or Islamic law is partially implemented in the legal system of the Philippines and is applicable only to Muslims. Shari’ah courts in the country are under the supervision of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Who is the head of customary court?