Is September a good time to go to Australia?

Is September a good time to go to Australia?

What is the best time to visit Australia? September to November & March to May are best time to visit Australia. Most of the tourists opt for these months to visit Australia. The weather during these seasons is neither too hot nor too cold that makes it perfect to have a walk around Australia.

Where is hot in September in Australia?

Sydney and Perth, on roughly the same latitude but on opposite coasts, experience average highs of 68° F (20° C), which is pleasant for city sightseeing activities. Melbourne and Adelaide are a little cooler, with average highs of around 63° F (17-18° C).

What is the weather like in September in Australia?

In September, in Sydney, the average high-temperature is 20°C (68°F), and the average low-temperature is 11.1°C (52°F).

Is Australia warm in September?

The average daytime temperatures in Sydney in September are around 16°C while high temperatures can hit peaks of 20°C on warmer days. Although the weather is warming in September, Sydney can experience some chilly westerly winds this month. The average minimum temperatures generally tend to hover around 12°C.

Can you swim in Australia in September?

plenty of people at the beaches in sydney in september (the days are warm enough) but not too many swimming. some say the water temp is too cold but others are a little more hardy. melbourne beaches on the other hand may stretch the limit of endurance. september is a great time of year in aus.

Where is the best to travel in September?

Pack your bags and plan your next vacation using our list of the best places to travel in September.

  1. Montreal, Canada. Montreal, Canada.
  2. Grand Canyon, Arizona. Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon.
  3. Barcelona, Spain. Park Guell in Barcelona.
  4. Crete, Greece.
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  6. Honolulu, Hawaii.
  7. Patagonia.
  8. Puerto Rico.

What season is September in Australia?

In Australia, the seasons are defined by grouping the calendar months in the following way: Spring – the three transition months September, October and November. Summer – the three hottest months December, January and February. Autumn – the transition months March, April and May.

Which part of Australia has the best weather?

Port Macquarie has, according to the CSIRO, the best climate in Australia, with mild winters and gentle summers, and water warm enough to swim in for most of the year.

Where is still hot in September?

The most popular destinations in September

Hot favourites in September
Canary Islands 25°C 8 hrs
Costa Brava 21°C 9 hrs
Costa del Sol 23°C 8 hrs
Cyprus 24°C 11 hrs