What does Swayze mean in slang?

What does Swayze mean in slang?

SWAYZE. “Swayze” is slang for “disappear,” because in the 1990 film Ghost, Patrick Swayze played a phantom that could disappear at will.

Is Swayze a word?

Swayze /ˈsweɪzi/ is a surname found chiefly in the English speaking regions of North America and representing an Anglicized form of the German-language surname Schweiz, Schweize, or Schweizer (“Swiss”).

What is Swaze?

The Swaze were a technologically advanced people from the Jidlor system. Every year, the Swaze leaders would go to Rellnas Minor to seek advice from the Rellarin tribal leaders and sages, the un’Yala.

What does Petty mean in texting?

The definition of petty is someone who gets caught up in small details.

How do you say the name Swayze?

Break ‘swayze’ down into sounds: [SWAY] + [ZEE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What does Swazi English mean?

British Dictionary definitions for Swazi Swazi. / (ˈswɑːzɪ) / noun. plural -zis or -zi a member of a racially mixed people of southern Africa living chiefly in Swaziland, who first formed into a strong political group in the late 19th century.

What does no Swayze mean?

Some of it is pretty clever, like the word “ghost” taken from the movie of the same name. If you say, “I’m ghost”, it means, “I’m gone.” Or you could just say “Swayze.” One girl explained the word, this way, “Swayze, which means ghost: to leave, to vacate.

Is Petty an insult?

“Petty” literally means “small.” It evolved from the French petit in the late 14th century. A century later, it had curdled into a belittling insult, referring to issues of “small importance” or to “small minded” people. To call other people petty can be to reduce them, and swat them away.

What does Petty mean in slang?

The slang term “Petty” is an adjective, which is used to describe someone who is very childish, overreacts to little things, or does things for a reaction.

How do you greet in siswati?


  1. Hello – Sawubona.
  2. How are you? – Unjani?
  3. I am fine. – Ngikhona/Ngiyaphila (directly translates to “I am here/I am well”
  4. I am fine, thank you. – Ngikhona, ngiyabonga.
  5. Stay well – Sala kahle.
  6. Travel Safely (As a goodbye) – Hamba Kahle.
  7. Good evening – Lishonile.
  8. Good luck – ngikufisela inhlanhla.

What is Mbamba?

Mainly in urban (especially township) slang: an illicitly brewed raw liquor, made usually of yeast, brown bread, brown sugar, and water.

How popular is the name Swayze?

Swayze was the 2505th most popular girls name and 5181st most popular boys name. In 2020 there were only 68 baby girls and only 17 baby boys named Swayze. 1 out of every 25,751 baby girls and 1 out of every 107,731 baby boys born in 2020 are named Swayze.