What fish can you have with silver dollars?

What fish can you have with silver dollars?

A few of our favorites in this category are bristlenose and clown plecos. Kuhli loaches and cory catfish also make good silver dollar fish tank mates. There are a number of cichlids that also make great tank mates. The Oscar fish, red empress, and blue dolphin are all strong cichlid pairings.

How much is a silver dollar fish?

The Silver Dollar (Metynnis argenteus) is an ideal fish for keeping in a large community. Being a freshwater herbivore, this species grows to be roughly 6 inches and will play well with others….Serrasalmidae – Silver Dollar Aquarium Fish.

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How big do freshwater silver dollars get?

six inches
These fish can grow up to six inches in length and are a delightfully flashy addition to any tropical freshwater tank. Breeding them in captivity is easy, yet male Silver Dollar fish are among the most difficult species to identify by sex.

How big can a silver dollar fish grow?

6 in
A silver dollar fish is known to have an average length of 6 in (15 cm) and can grow even more. Silver dollar fishes are usually two times the size of normal fishes, such as goldfish.

Will silver dollars eat smaller fish?

Silver Dollar Fish are large peaceful and active fish. These fish are great community fish that swim in the top part of the aquarium. We do not advise to keep your Silver Dollars with smaller fish such as Gouramis, Bettas, and Tetras as they might get eaten.

How do you feed a silver dollar fish?

Silver dollar fish need a diet high in plants and vegetables. Commercial Spirulina-based foods and vegetable-based freeze-dried/flake foods are ideal. You can also feed your fish certain live foods, including brine shrimp, bloodworms, and glass worms. Feed your fish pellets or flakes several times each day.

How do you breed silver dollar fish?

To facilitate spawning, make sure the water is soft (8 dgH or below) and warm (80 to 82 F), keep the lighting dim, and provide fine-leaved plants. Eventually a pair will spawn, and the female will lay up to 2000 eggs. The eggs will fall to the bottom of the tank, where they will hatch in three days.

How many silver dollar fish should be kept together?

They are large peaceful schooling fish that need plenty of swimming space. You should keep them in a group of at least 5 individuals. They can be quite skittish and reclusive if kept alone.

How do you tell if a silver dollar fish is male or female?

Like many fish, there are no distinctly obvious means of distinguishing between a male and female silver dollar fish. The only way to tell the sex of a silver dollar fish is to study the anal fin. In a male silver dollar fish, the anal fin may be slightly longer and may also be tinged red.

Can I put Tetras with silver dollars?

We do not advise to keep your Silver Dollars with smaller fish such as Gouramis, Bettas, and Tetras as they might get eaten. Shrimps and snails can be a good addition; however they too might get eaten.