What happens if I lie to Nazir?

What happens if I lie to Nazir?

Report to Nazir The Dragonborn can choose to lie about the actually reward amount, but that is of no consequence. Nazir points out that the money could be used to repair and upgrade the Sanctuary, by talking to Delvin Mallory of the Thieves Guild in Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head….

How do you kill Beitild without getting a bounty?

11 Answers. The easiest solution actually is just to tell her that you are there to slay her. She will then scream something like “Come and get me!” and attack you. After that you can slay her without getting bothered by the guards.

How much should I tell Nazir I get paid?

Talk with Nazir about the hit on the Emperor, and he asks how much the final payment was. Your options are: reveal the full 20,000 gold, or two different lies where you say you were paid only 10,000 or 5,000 gold.

What happens if I kill Deekus?

Once Deekus is defeated, feel free to have a look around his camp, where you will find several jewels and two chests full of loot (one at the camp, another in the sunken half of the ship). To complete the quest, return to Nazir for a 750 gold reward.

Does killing Amaund Motierre do anything?

After collecting the reward, the Dragonborn has the option to kill Motierre. Doing so gives the advantage of collecting a few rare gems from his corpse, as well as possibly receiving an inheritance from him.

Do you need the skull of corruption?

Usefulness. The Skull of Corruption can damage multiple targets at once. This is useful when faced with multiple opponents. However, it can also injure followers that are nearby, which could potentially kill followers with low health.

Who is yisra Skyrim?

Yisra is one of Phinis Gestor’s missing apprentices. All that remains of her is a charred corpse, likely the victim of a fire spell gone awry and her necklace. She is not associated with any quests and there is nothing that can be done with her necklace.