What is Tecan Freedom EVO?

What is Tecan Freedom EVO?

Freedom EVO 100 – A small, liquid handling workstation offering state-of-the-art liquid handling capabilities and optional robotic functionality for general purpose pipetting in all small-to-medium throughput laboratories, e.g. in pharmaceutical, forensic and quality control laboratories.

What is Tecan used for?

Tecan D300e Digital Dispenser This benchtop instrument dispenses picoliter to microliter volumes directly to your assay plate with exceptional flexibility, saving time, minimizing waste of valuable reagents and accelerating experimental set-up.

How much does a Tecan Evo cost?

How Much Does A TECAN Freedom EVO 200 Cost? The Current Price Range Based on 2 Vendors on Bimedis. It’s Costs Starts Approximately at $45 and ends at the Highest Price $32,995. The Average Price for TECAN Freedom EVO 200 – $13,565 Based on 9 Listings of This Product.

What are Tecan tips?

LiHa Disposable Tips have been carefully designed and validated to work specifically with Liquid Handling Arms™ on all Tecan platforms. They are produced to stringent standards of quality and reproducibility, ensuring reliable liquid handling performance.

Can these pipette tips be washed and reused again?

Yes. Conical tubes and even pipette tips can be washed and/or autoclaved and reused. Pipette tip boxes can be repurposed to hold other lab supplies or as containers for Western blots.

Is there a pipette tip shortage?

The humble pipette tip is tiny, cheap, and utterly essential to science. But now, a series of ill-timed breaks along the pipette tip supply chain — spurred by blackouts, fires, and pandemic-related demand — have created a global shortage that is threatening nearly every corner of the scientific world.

How many times can you use a pipette tip?

One box of pipette tips might look like a lot, but consider this: A pipette tip can only be used once. After you have used the pipette tip, it is contaminated by liquid you are pipetting. Usually you dispose of that tip and use a new pipette tip for the next sample.

How many times can you autoclave pipette tips?

Our system is more reliable because it does not use heat, using an autoclave can warp pipette tips. Our customers have validated reusing tips up to 40 times.

Why is there a pipette tip shortage?

An ongoing pipette tip shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, blackouts in Texas, and a manufacturing plant fire is hindering scientific work around the world, from newborn screening to drug development to basic research.

Can pipette tips be washed and reused again?