Is Kiko a luxury brand?

Is Kiko a luxury brand?

Established and founded in 1997 by Percassi, KIKO MILANO is an Italian cosmetics brand that revolutionizes the rules of cosmetics with affordable luxury. “Be What You Want to Be.” – This summarizes the brand’s vision of beauty.

Is Kiko French brand?

KIKO France manufactures cosmetics. The Company offers makeup, nail polishes, moisturizers, beauty masks, anti-wrinkle lotions, hair serums, lip sticks, liner, concealers, blushes, and fixers. KIKO France serves customers in France.

Where is Kiko cosmetics from?

KIKO MILANO is constantly committed to researching the best possible products in terms of formula and packaging. Almost all of our formulas are MADE IN ITALY (75%), with 100% of our makeup MADE IN EUROPE.

Is Kiko vegan and cruelty free?

KIKO Milano is cruelty-free but not 100% vegan, meaning that some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients.

Is KIKO a good brand?

Italian makeup brand Kiko Milano is known for offering premium-quality makeup products at reasonable prices, making it a huge favourite in India.

Who owns KIKO?

Gruppo Percassi S.p.A
KIKO Milano/Parent organizations

Is Kiko a good brand?

Who owns Kiko?

Is Kiko vegan makeup?

Kiko is 100% cruelty free. None of their ingredients or finished products are tested on animals. Although they do have a lot of vegan options, Kiko is not 100% vegan as a brand.

What is Kiko Milano known for?

KIKO is much more than KIKO. We are a cosmetics brand founded in Bergamo (Italy) in 1997 that operates in the retail sector with monobrand stores in 23 countries, with more than 110 nationalities among our workforce.

Is KIKO safe?

KIKO MILANO has always been firmly committed to ensuring the highest levels of quality, safety and effectiveness for every single product and all the ingredients used. Subsequently, all KIKO MILANO products have been developed in compliance with EEC and USA-FDA (Food & Drug Administration) standards.

Is Kiko a UK brand?

A true revolution in the beauty arena, KIKO MILANO is a leading Italian brand of cosmetics, make-up and skin care products founded in 1997.