How do you get into C-Sec Academy me1?

How do you get into C-Sec Academy me1?

You can reach this location by making your way through the Upper Wards. If you’re coming from the Med Clinic where you saved Dr. Michel, head to the left side of the map, and the stairs right in the middle of the Upper Wards will take you down to C-Sec Academy.

Where is Wrex located?

WREX’s studios and transmitter are located on Auburn Road just west of Rockford.

Where do I recruit Wrex in Mass Effect?

Go to the C-Sec offices. The elevator down to the C-Sec offices is located beneath the Citadel Embassies. Approach Wrex in the C-Sec office. This will trigger the dialogue that allows you to recruit Wrex.

Where is C-SEC me3?

the Citadel
The C-Sec Office is a location in the Citadel. Located in the Zakera Ward’s Mid-Wards District, this office is located on the 27th level of a building.

What happened Executor Pallin?

In the entry The Cerberus Coup it is stated that “The plan fell apart early when Executor Pallin and the salarian councilor caught wind of it”. He was subsequently killed when the Illusive Man dispatched his assassin Kai Leng to kill them both.

How do I talk to Wrex?

How to Get Wrex to Stand Down Automatically

  1. During Citadel: Expose Saren, talk to Barla Von on the Presidium first, and then Wrex at C-Sec.
  2. After you’ve been made a Spectre, Garrus will be waiting in C-Sec next to the central elevator up to the Docking Bay, and ask to join you.

Can I recruit Garrus and Wrex?

Where I can find the duo? After you’re tasked to find evidence against Saren, go talk to Barla Von in the bank and shop district of the Presidium, and then go to the Chora’s Den and talk with Harkin. Then go to Dr. Michel’s clinic in the Wards, near the Flux and you’ll find Garrus there, and he’ll be recruit-able then.

How do I get general Oraka weapons?

Talk to the Salarian nearby in the Presidium Commons. Travel to Kite’s Nest, then to the Vular system, and scan Vana until it pings. Proceed to probe the planet for weapons. Once retrieved, return to the vendor and then to Oraka.