What is the procedure of pind daan in Gaya?

What is the procedure of pind daan in Gaya?

The procedure of Pind Daan at Gaya BSS will assign a priest for 3 to 4 persons. Once this is done, everyone intending to do pind daan has to pay the desired fee for the process. Then after, the priest will ask the name of your original ancestral place.

Who can do pind daan in Gaya?

The Pind Daan is typically performed by male children (sons), or other male relatives such as brothers, father, grandsons etc. However if there are no close male relatives that are willing or able to perform Pind Daan, female relatives such as daughters, mother, granddaughters etc. can also perform Pind Daan.

When can I do pind daan in Gaya?

Pitru paksha pind daan mela in Gaya is going to be organised between 20 September, 2021, to 6 October, 2021. When to do pind daan in Gaya? Devotees believe that pind daan during pitra paksha mela is the best day to offer pind daan.

Can we do pind daan at home?

They aren’t confident if their children will have time for the ritual.” If people are not able to go to Gaya, the city of moksha, to perform the pind daan of their ancestors, then they can do it right from home. Bihar Tourism has brought out a special package for those who are busy.

What happens after Pind Daan?

It is believed that post pind daan souls are relived from the torchers of hell leading him/her to Moksha. Relatives of the deceased offering pind daan receive the blessings by the soul, which is believed to have the strongest positive influence in one’s life.

Is Gaya a safe place?

Gaya/Bodhgaya is as safe as other touristic places in India. You need not to worry, but care few things as you do at any new places. Better have a taxi booked for your tour by good taxi operator/hotel or travel agent. It will save your time as well as security.

Can Pind Daan be done before death?

Secondly, Yes, you can do the pind dan of your father, if your mother is still alive, I have done the pind dan of my father, 8 years after he have passed away, and my mother is still alive. And Thirdly,Pind can be done post 1 year of the death of any person.

Is Pind Daan necessary?

For Hindus, Gaya Pind daan is considered to be the most vital & mandatory ritual to free the deceased souls. This ritual is aimed to ease the journey of the soul towards final salvation and it is also believed that if pind daan is performed, the soul need not fall again into the cycle of rebirth.

Can Pind Daan be done every year?

Pind daan can be done through the year, but pitrapaksha or an 18-day period before Navratri is believed to be especially auspicious. An estimated 10 to 15 lakh pilgrims visit Gaya during pitrapaksha every year to perform pind daan.

Is Gaya safe for girls?

What is Pind Daan after death?

Pind Daan is a sacred ritual which is performed after the death of a person and it is the only process to attain mukthi from the cycle of rebirth & death. For Hindus, Gaya Pind daan is considered to be the most vital & mandatory ritual to free the deceased souls.