How much does a loaded J Lasher weight?

How much does a loaded J Lasher weight?

P/N Description Weight
08189 Chest only 19 lbs. (8.6kgs)
J2 Cable Lasher w/Chest (Shipping Weight) 65 lbs. (29.6kgs)
70190 Towing Lanyard 35 ft. (optional)(250 lbs. WLL) 6 lbs. (2.7kgs)
70012 Lasher Guard “Halo” (optional) 3 lbs. (1.4kg)

What does AJ Lasher do?

The refurbished model J2 Modified W/open face & larger front opening cable lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. Will lash any single or multiple aerial cables up to 3in.

What is a J2 Lasher?

The J2 Cable Lasher is used to lash an overhead cable, duct or numerous cables to a supporting strand (messenger) or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. The J2 Lasher’s design also gives it maximum service life.

What is a lashing wire?

Lashing wire is stainless steel wire commonly used in the utility and telecommunications industries to bring and support aerial cables or a combination of cables to a supporting strand.

How do you reverse AJ Lasher?

To move the lasher backwards, first clamp the lashing wire to the strand. If the lasher is within reach, release the brake by pushing back against the towing assembly. If it is not within reach and the towing line is attached to the towing eye assembly, release the brake by pulling back on the towing line.

How long is a roll of lashing wire?

There are 6 coils per box, and each coil is 1600 feet long. Lashing wire is used to attach cables to messenger wire in utility and communication installations. 0.038 inch diameter Type 302 Stainless Steel Lashing Wire comes in 1600 foot coils that will fit all major cable lashers.

What is messenger cable?

The term messenger cable refers to any cable construction where a coaxial cable is jacketed together with a messenger or ground wire via a small web of jacketing material joining them. The key to a good installation is always in the preparation of the cable.

What is lacing wire?

Wire that is soft annealed in order to allow for easy forming by hand and tying is widely used in both stainless steel and Galvanized steel. It can be used to support Glass fibre, mineral wool, perlite and many more insulation materials. Supplied in a thickness range from 0.6mm up to 1.6mm.

What is cable lashing?

Cable lashing is the procedure used to stabilize the phase cables during high-current events to minimize cable movement and reduce damage to the switchgear and cables themselves. It will increase as the magnitude of current increases and as the radial distance between the cables decreases.

What is triplex wire?

Triplex wire is commonly used for overhead, single phase service and contains three individual wires twisted around each other. The two insulated conductors are called the “hot” legs of the service while the bare (uninsulated) wire is the neutral wire of the service.

How does a J2 cable Lasher work?

J2 Lashers make overlashing easy. Just push down on the strand roller knob, rotate it a quarter turn and you can lash additional cables together on previously lashed cable Positive internal gear to gear mechanism has no chains or belts to stretch, slip or break

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Which is the best case for a cable Lasher?

Protect your cable lasher. This can be used to store a C or a J lasher. The Pelican™ iM2750 Storm Case™ are the most solid injection molded cases in the industry. Manufactured with high performance HPX resin for dent resistance, the Storm Case™ comes with the easy Press & Pull latches and the durable Soft-Grip Handles.