Where is the Eridium Blight?

Where is the Eridium Blight?

The Eridium Blight is a Location found near the end of the main storyline of Borderlands 2. It is a craggy wasteland cut with lava flows and littered with fallout from Hyperion’s mining operations. Volcanic ash falls constantly over the area and ensures that very little grows here.

Where is King Mong borderlands2?

Eridium Blight
King Mong is the towering king of bullymongs wanders the Eridium Blight. He spawns in various locations on the map, but can generally be found on the slope that leads to Hero’s Pass. He’ll sometimes need to be coaxed out, which you can accomplish by killing other bullymongs in the area.

How do I get to Arid Nexus Boneyard?

To enter this area you must go in the smashed pipe from the story mission Data Mining. The area has two balconies and usually contains more Hyperion Soldiers than normal. It is also the entrance to Arid Nexus – Badlands.

What can I use Eridium for Borderlands 2?

They are now used to:

  • Purchase cosmetics, weapon skins, and room decorations from Crazy Earl aboard Sanctuary III.
  • Purchase Anointed weapons from Crazy Earl’s vending machine.
  • Play the Vault Line slot machine at Moxxi’s Bar aboard Sanctuary III for 10 Eridium.
  • Pay Typhon DeLeon to fire the Eridian Fabricator.

Does King Mong drop a legendary?

King Mong has a small chance to drop the legendary rocket launcher, Badaboom. King Mong will typically drop some Eridium every time he is killed, anywhere from 1-8 pieces.

How do you get on pipe in Eridium blight?

The pipe in question is to the east of the Fast Travel Station across the bridge on the right. The first pipe can be accessed by standing on the Eridium vent/geyser and taking a running jump towards the ledge near where the pipe joins the tower.

Where are the vault symbols in Arid Nexus Boneyard?

Arid Nexus – Boneyard A nearby ramp next to the Loader Maintenance Depot allows easy access to the top of the pipe. Upon entering the area via Fast Travel, head south towards the out of bounds gun tower. The vault symbol is carved on to the side of it.